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1. Posted by Mr Custard (Budding Member 15 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Hi There,

I have been saving up for years as I have always wanted to go travelling. The problem is, where do I go? I would like to hear some stories of a few of you guys on where you think "the must" places I should visit. Also any tips on what I should bring on my travels and how much money you think I should bring would be greatly appeciated.

Many Thanks

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start from india,kolkata,you;ll visit the sunderbans where u'll find the royal bengal tiger and many more really good boats,temples,mountains,rivers,ancient british heritage buildings and bridges,world most diversified food,almost everything and anything you want.Per day cost depends how much u can afford,it can be budgeted and you'll be surprised how cheap it is,indias cheapest city is kolkata, -snip-

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Try Philippines, its a great place for people with great culture. it has a lot to offer even if you just stay on the main capital region.

historical places like old churches and spanish era landmarks are there.

if you want to relax it has the biggest mall in asia to stroll.

outside the metro politan region you can try the great beaches in palawan or boracay.

going to the philippines is very easy and if you need to know about what to do upon arrival to the airport or know about the different modes of transport in the philippines you can check -snip- as your guide.

hope it helps.:)

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4. Posted by karazyal (Travel Guru 2252 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

First thing to do is to get your passport! The country you come from and the passport you use will determine if you need a visa or not. See if your country is on this list. If so you can enter Thailand for free for 30 days.

Thailand is an easy country for a first visit. Transportation, even from the airport, is excellent and not expensive. You get a taste of the Orient without being overwhelmed.

Thailand does tourism very well. There is a little something for all types of travelers. You have good beaches, interesting history, scenic national parks, jungle areas and nightlife in the cities. A typical 14-18 day visit could include a visit to Bangkok, Chiang Mai and a beach area.

Unlike some of the other Asian countries Thailand regulates the money changing. Most of the money changing is done by real banks not some dodgy back room money changer. There are banks at the airport 24 hours a day to change your currency over to Thai baht. In cities popular with tourists you will find mini bank money changers available 7 days a week with hours up to 8 or 9 pm.

Transportation in Bangkok is cheap. If you use the meter in a taxi the price is very reasonable but if you bargain the cost you pay more. Tuk-tuks cost more than meter taxis. From the airport, besides the public taxi, you also have a rail service. The Airport Rail Link runs up to midnight and can connect you with the Pratunam area. Also connect you with the Skytrain and subway.

How much money you need depends on how long you stay and where you stay at! Also the time of year for Asia could be more expensive than other months of the year. For Thailand, high season (when hotels are higher priced) is when it is cold in N. America and Europe. This is also when the weather is better. But tourists travel to Thailand every month of the year but November through January are very popular with tourists escaping the cold.

Not everyone spends money the say way. Work up a budget and see how much you can afford for hotel rooms and then ask for suggestions in that price range. Not unusual to find a hotel in Bangkok in the 600 - 900 baht range that has air conditioning, private toilet, TV, maid service. Smaller cities even cheaper. Food is cheap in Thailand. If you are from the West food is cheaper than where you come from UNLESS you seek out expensive places to eat at.

How much to bring? Maybe plan on the same amount of money you would need in an expensive city in your country for a start. You will probably use less money. No problem using debit or credit cards in Thailand. Also, no problem cashing travelers checks in Thailand.

Visit a local library and check out some travel guides on Thailand and plan your moves. Other nearby countries are Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia.

Up to you.