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Nepal is always and at any time an interesting country for a visit. Yet every season has its specific charm and its limits for a different purpose.

A summary of what one can expect from different months and seasons in our country:

January till March: Sunny at daytime, cool and foggy in the mornings and evenings. It is very dry and dusty on countryside roads. Vegetation is limited to the evergreen stuff that can bloom during long dry periods of time. Grasslands and rice fields however make a yellowish landscape picture. Mountain views are best only after the long lasting morning fog has lifted.

You may need: a dust mask, sunglasses, a hat or cap against the strong sun rays, warm clothes for mornings and evenings.

  • Trekking across the high passes is not recommended since many village lodges at high altitude are still closed. Trekking into the foothills however is quite rewarding. It is a good time to visit the Nepalese low lands, which are called the Terai.

It is also an excellent time for mountain biking in the picturesque Mid-Hills of Nepal. Many new biker tracks have been created in the last couple of years. Biking tours can be done all year round if one is not scared of rains and thunder showers during the rain season (Mid-June till the end of September)
The plains in the south of Nepal are usually very hot from April till September.

There is much to see and do in the Terai. Visiting Lumbini, the birth place of Lord Buddha for example, or take a tour into the Chitwan National Park to ride on an elephant, watch the one horned rhino's and see herds of wild buffaloes, spotted deer and many water birds that dwell in the wetlands. With a little bit of luck one can fetch a glimpse of the few Tigers that still roam around there too. Locals will make sure that you are not getting too close.

From last week of March through April and till first half of May:

  • This is called the small trekking season. We recommend the Annapurna Round (where our Resort is also open for trekkers), Helambu and Langtang which starts north of Kathmandu Valley at Sundarijal and of course Solo Khumbu, the land of the Sherpa and the mighty Mount Everest.

From second half of May till Mid-June:

  • This is the most rewarding time for visiting cultural heritage sites, temple squares and remote shrines all over the country. Its is also nice to see the farmers at work while they are preparing the fields for planting rice, which is the staple food of all Nepalese except for the Sherpa and some high altitude folks that live in regions where rice would not grow. Trekking across passes is still possible, yet there are some risks of hefty thunderstorms and blizzards at an altitude of 3000 meters and above, beware! It is also called the pre-rain season and the mountain ranges are mostly invisible behind mist and clouds all day long.

From Mid June till the end of September:

  • Trekkers can forget it! The footpaths are slippery, the mountain views are as good as nil and it is cloudy all day. Showers can be long lasting and permanent. The air is saturated with moisture and moving around too much makes one feel like sitting in a sauna with your clothes on. Yet still...there are many rain season fans who love to explore the lush and abundant vegetation that only shows up during these months. Its is actually the best time for herbalists, botanists, plants-men, horticulturists and flora explorers etc.

There are still a lot of unknown species and nameless sub species to discover in Nepal. Varieties of subtropical and alpine plants are too many to it seems. The same applies for insects, butterflies and beetles. There is no year going by that previously unknown plants, flowers, insects, amphibians or mammals pop up in the unspoiled wilderness of Nepal.
(except for the Yeti. He is still remains as he/she is because he/she just does not like to spend time in a stinking Jail-house that humans call a Zoo) There is a law in Nepal that forbids to capture a yeti...did you know this?

From last week of September till the End of December is the real main trekking season in Nepal:

  • This is called the main Tourist and Trekking Season. Most of the foreign visitors prefer this time of the year to come here. Its is also the most important festivals season of Nepal; Dasain and Tihar. The climate and visibility in the mountains is optimal for high altitude trekking.


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Hi Jit,

Thanks for the useful info. It would be great if you could put some of this in the travel guide! :)

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Hello Rebecca,

I was absent for a long time and just re-discovered that our organization director had enrolled at Travellerspoint. So actually I took over from him.

I even had forgotten the password etc. Now I am back and I will explore all the features that have been added during my absence. Usually I go only excessive online during the rain season and I am too busy in the Tourist seasons...often in remote areas where there is no Internet connection. Therefore I want to do not too much activity here because it gives the wrong impression that I am always here to be reached. I had an inbox full of questions which were all out of date and I felt sorry for the people who asked.

Kind regards
Jit (will see what else I can contribute) ;)

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Thanks for the comprehensive information about the Nepal.
Nepal is really an awsome country worth to visit.