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Hi everyone! I am planning a trip to Europe next year and want to go on a tour. We want a tour group where you are not stuck with the group the entire time. We want to be able to go off on our own and explore, or hang with the group if we choose. Has anyone heard of a good, reliable European tour that offers this type of traveling? I recently have been researching a company called Go Ahead Vacations. Anyone heard of them? Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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I think you will have to go on your own - will be cheaper as well.

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Hi CATbecht

I'm not a huge fan of tours myself -I think it's better to head off and explore yourself. However...

Last year my parents had booked a tour in Czechslovakia, but my Dad had to bow out due to work commtiments so I stepped into the breach Anyway, my Mum and I found that there was a signifcant chunk of time where we were left to our own devices by the tour company allowing us to do our thing. We could stay with the group if we chose (or not - they dont really care...). We used the group itinerary to see the major sites, etc...and then did our own thing when we felt like it.

The tour group we went with are called The Travel Department (but Im not sure what other tours they do...). I'm sure there are much better tour companies out there than this one but that might give you an idea of what way they operate...

Hope that helps.


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Thanks for the advice. I will look into that company. Money is not really an issue, and it will be our first time going to Europe. We want to see the main things in each city, and we feel that going on a tour would be the ideal way for us. However, we do want to choose a tour that will allow us time to do our own thing. I guess it really comes down to me being lazy, and not wanting to plan the trip myself and having to worry about getting my husband and I around. I think it will just be easier if we have other people telling us where we are, and where we need to be to leave to go to the next city, so we can enjoy ourselves and not stress!