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me and my friends (5 guys) are planning to have a vacation in Central America, having Guate and Nica as the main attractions. We decided to fly to Cancun and leave from Managua or San Jose. I made a trip plan according to many recommendations and observations in forums and traveller blogs: http://www.travellerspoint.com/member_map.cfm#/tripid/270160

Do you think it's possible to do this in 3 weeks? Or should we skip Costa Rica? I know it will be intense, but we want to see as much as we can :)

Thanks in advance for some comments! :)


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It's not a hump that is VERY easy. If it were me, I'd stick to Guat, Honduras, El Salvador and Belize from where you're coming from...I assume you've heard of the bohemian lifestyle of San Juan Del Sur and this is what brings you to Nica...You can have that same life style on Utila...Just less surfing, and more diving.....and I'd leave from GUA then.....But if your heart is set on Nica....It's doable, just more hectic.

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Yes, I have the same feeling it's too much for 3 weeks, just wanted some reassurance :)
I don't have tics to Cancun yet, so I can buy to Guate and leave from Nica. It just would be a pity to miss Chichen itza... or maybe Tikal/Copan ruins can compensate that? :)

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If you have nothing booked yet, work it out as you go along and see what you can do.

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Please let me know what Cancun is like. I've heard good things about there!

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Custard, Cancun sucks the proverbial bag. If you want to go to a resort, there are far cheaper places...If you're a teenaged girl, you drink free in Cancun...Anyone else pays through the nose...Down with Cancun, and you can tell Cancun I said that. If Cancun was a person, I'd fight it.

Cyberia brings up a good point, and this is how I do things myself. You can book a flight out while in-country from wherever's closest, that way you have more flexibility. I know the travel agent says you MUST have an exit flight before, but that's bullshit...I haven't had an exit flight out of a country for at least ten years. Just don't look like a douchebag when you talk to the immigration guys.

Chichen Itza IS nice...but Tikal is a great site, and far more wild. While walking through the site, you'll pass improbable hills that rise from the flat ground...Those are more temples waiting to e excavated. It's far more Indiana Jonesey there. And then, from GUA you have Copan Ruinas as well....Another very good site.