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Hi all.

I know im currently in the wrong so....
I have some questions that need some answers.

I am Australian.
This means that I have 90 days of travel within the Schengen zone.
I have overstayed this period by roughly 2 months but have been flying within europe during that time with no trouble.
I want to know 2 things..

1: What are the penalties for my crime? (Fines? Bannes? Confinement?)
2: How can I avoid being caught? (I fly back to Australia out of Heathrow, therefore I must go back to the UK.) ill take the ferry across from france?

It would be great to hear of your experiences in the same situation. Or just any general info from people who know what they're talking about. I need to make some decisions asap.


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With the fiscal state of many countries in Europe, I suggest there will be or already has been a tightening of the rules mostly to relieve travellers of their money.

1. Yes, all of those or any combination.

2. I have not crossed on the ferry from France to the UK in twenty years, so I have no idea whether you will be checked. If you make it from France to the UK - no problem and you are home free as the UK is not part of Schengen.

'Schengen overstay penalties' as a 'google' gives a great deal including this


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A couple of weeks ago I took the ferry from France to the UK, together with a group of US citizens. All were checked very thouroughly, not only their passports, but also how long they had stayed in Schengen. Two people couldn't readily prove that they hadn't overstayed, the immigration officer made it clear they would not have been allowed on the ferry. Luckily for them they found some receipts which proved they had not overstayed.
UK immigration has become very strict.

When you leave Schengen, no matter from where, you'll have to depend on your luck.

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I have a question...
I'm mexican and I will travel to France in October, I will stay there for three months. I have a sister who lives in Germany and I would like to visit her and stay in Europe a bit longer...
I would like to know if it's possible to go to France, stay... I don't know 60 days or less, go out of the Schengen area for a couple of days or maybe a week or two and come back and stay more time in Europe, say... Until March? Would that be possible?


P.S. Sorry for my bad bad english :(

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You are allowed to enter and stay 90 days total in 180 days in the Schengen group of countries, of which France and Germany are included, irrespective of how many times you enter and exit.

If you want more time, you should consult the French and German embassies prior to departure - you will, to my limited knowledge require a visa for at least one country, (France if that is where you enter Schengen).

All this information is available with a web search for 'Schengen treaty' or similar and I strongly recommend you consult the relevant embassies, with clear information soonest if staying more than 90 days.

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Avoid the ferry. My suggestion is to fly out of Rome. They are known to be slack down that way. If I was you, I would book an early morning or evening flight (basically a peak hour flight). Rome gets very busy and the queues at immigration are quite long so they don't really check especially if you are using an Aussie passport. That is my experience anyway, and a google search will provide further proof of this.

Make sure the flight is direct too. A transit stop will get you in trouble. Avoid Germany and Switzerland like the plague, they are strict as.

Good luck.

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Just to make it clear, the last time I exited Rome (November 2010) flying to Egypt, I was not checked. Obviously, I can't guarantee you will okay but Italy will provide you the best odds in my opinion.