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Hello everybody,

could you talk about health issues (and some advice regarding it) you encountered in your journeys to Africa?

Thank you!

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A very broad questions, but in case you are looking for more information about health, I would surely recommend our travelguide travel health (also with links to other website like the WHO) or the individual health information of the different countries. Where are you going?

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Thank you for your prompt answer!

I am not sure right now Zambia or Mozambique.

I have some knowledge, I will check that one also. I wanted to hear of some experiences,

people confronted with unexpectable.


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I did travel to Africa on a number of occasions and going back later this year. The most important thing is to not mess with a disease like malaria! Definately take precautions for that one.
I did not have any problems whatsoever, but my girlfriend was sick for over a week because of a simple tick bite!!! That happened in the northern bush area of South Africa. So speaking out of 'personal' experience I can surely recommend on checking your body after going walking into the bush for sure!
We had to see a doctor and she got antibiotics. Luckily she got the holidays she took at work back, which was good for the next year of course lol

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I agree with Utrecht. malaria is not to be trifled with, but you get great prophylaxes these days, so make sure you speak to your doctor or pharmacist before coming out to Africa. Although none of the countries, including Mozambique and Zambia have compulsory vaccination requirements (except yellow fever if you come from or have traveled through an endemic area), it is advisable that you have vaccinations done for tetanus, meningitis and hepatitis A and typhoid. if you do get sick, try to find private clinics, they tend to be better equipped than government hospitals. hope this helps

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Hi and thank you Utrecht and EddieW,

I have made appointment to a doctor to make vaccination, some of the vaccinations i have already made in childhood, but as i understood i have to repeat them; this is what i was recommended to make:
• TB – Tuberculoses (update or proof of earlier vaccinations)
• Hepatitis A & Hepatitis B - (Can be taken individually - or together as one in a vaccination called Havrix)
• Tetanus & Diphtheria, updated
• Polio, updated
• Typhus

Definitely i will check my body after going in the bush.

I heard of a case where kids who walked bare feet got into their foot a worm and the procedure of taking out the worms is extremely painful, first of all because no analgesic is being used, and second because they are growing inside, stuck to the flesh, and you leave big holes in the feet and hands when you take them out. Unfortunately the kids didn't have shoes to wear that's why they got these worms but though one must pay attention to this kind of things as well.

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