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I am back from Tanzania, and just wanted to drop a quick hello to all. I will be typing up and publishing a trip report very soon of my trip. A quick summary, though...

Kilimanjaro - attempted to climb Kili via the Rongai route. A nice route, but my lungs didn't like it much. I developed pulmonary edaema and had to be brought off the mountain in a stretcher. But I recovered quickly. The rest of my group carried the banner up to the top of the mountain for me, though - of the remaining 10, all made it to Gillman's Point, and 8 made it to Uhuru Peak. Yay team!

Safari - 5 days. Lake Manyara (1 day), Serengeti (3 days) and Ngorogoro (1 day). Awesome. Saw everything you could see, pretty much, except the leopard.

Zanzibar - Stone town is amazing, very different than anywhere I had been before. Makes me want to travel the Middle East and north Africa to see more Arabic influenced places. Spent a day up north in Kendwa on the beach. It is nice to be able to say I swam in the Indian Ocean.

A more detailed trip report is coming soon on each different part, including information on the guide companies I used (mainly good), hotels I stayed at (both good and bad) and the tours I did (good mainly, but the Spice Tour in Zanzibar was BORING!)

I wish I could say it's good to be back, but I wish I was still on the beach in Kendwa....


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Welcome back, Greg! Glad to hear you had a great time (despite the pulmonary edaema - there seems to be some voodoo connection between you and extreme heights).

Can't wait to read your trip report!

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Yes. I think I have taken my last high altitude vacation. I seem to be okay at 10,000ft (been to a lot of ski resorts around 10,000), but above 12,000 I run into trouble.

My next vacation - sea level.

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Greg, how high do you actually get on the hike? If I remember right Kilimanjaro's summit is 19K or so but the trek takes you to the summit or do you stop at a lower point?

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I made it to Mawenzi Tarn on the Rongai route, which is 14210' above sea level. The summit is 19340' above sea level. Those who continued climbed another half day up to Kibo campsite, and then did a full night climb to the summit, and a full day down.

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Zanzibar is one of those countries I would just love to travel to!!! Grrr, now to find some time...