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I want to go to Europe with my girlfriend and maybe one or two other couples sometime in the next year. We're all about 25y/o. I haven't been out of the country in the last 20 years (not counting the Caribbean) so I have basically no experience traveling anywhere in Europe. I was hoping I could tell you what kind of stuff we are looking to get out of the trip and then someone could give some advice on where they think we might want to go. We've only decided that we want to go somewhere in Europe. We'd prefer to go some "off-peak" time so that we can get big discounts. We can get off work any time.

Anyway, here is some info:

How much can we spend: $1,500 each NOT counting hotel or RT flight to Europe. Flights within Europe, if any, count toward that 1.5k max.
How many days: 6-8
Preferences/likes and dislikes:
a. Active stuff: Attending Oktoberfest, Snorkeling, Seeing the Running of the Bulls, watching the Olympics live, riding a camel, hiking through a rainforest, hanging with dolphins, skiing (on a beginner course), playing poker, attending a comedy show, listening to live music, etc., etc. (doesn't need to be any of those things in particular, but you get the idea)
b. I love good authentic food.
c. Having a day or two to really relax would be great. Laying on a nice beach, going to a high-end natural spa, chilling at a ridiculously nice pool, maybe going for a day cruise or something. Warm weather and awesome natural sights are cool (my girlfriend really hates the cold).
d. Being in scenic areas would be cool. Seeing the Coliseum, Big Ben or the Eiffel Tower (etc.) would all be awesome. That said, I don’t know that I’d love to take a 4 hour trip to the top of a building where I stand in a slow line the whole way (did that for the Empire State Building) too many times on the same trip.
e. We drink a little but don’t party like we did in college by any means.
f. To some extent I feel like if I go to Europe I really need to see some kind of plays, listen to a symphony, go on tours, go to the opera, walk through museums, etc. I think some of that would be all right, but I don’t get overly excited about it. So some of that in moderation.
g. We basically want to see as much of the world as we can.

I'd also like some advice on how many cities I should reasonably expect to see. I don't want to spend my whole trip in the airport, but I also want to see as much as possible.

My plan is to take advantage of points programs and credit card offers to get a ridiculously discounted flight/hotel. See: (Would prefer this to not siderail the discussion).

Anyway, if anyone can give advice on which cities we should go to that would be awesome. Any general advice would be great as well. Thanks a bunch.

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hi there.

it all depends on what countries youd prefer to visit. obviously me being english id say you have to come here. most people would go to london but there are lot of other equaly as good citys in the south that all have different things to offer (i say the south even though it is still cold your misuss dosent like it too cold right??) my personal favourites would be Bristol and Oxford. elsewhere in Europe you have to go to berlin its possibly the best few days of my life i had there, not just gettin drunk and partying but exploring the city, theres a realy cool abandoned theme park coverd in graffiti and sculptures made from scrap metal and rubbish if your into that kind of thing! obviously you have to see rome and barcelona is also an amaizing city. if your planning on france id say avoid paris its hyped up to something it realy isnt and the people there are unbeliveably rude!! montpelier is an amaizing city in the south of france and the country side surrounding is unbelievable. these are just a few places iv been and its just my personal opinion but i hope you find this helpfeul.


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My advice is: if you are planning on going for 6 or 8 days, I would suggest you focus in only one country, such as Italy.
Italy is very easy to travel by train... There is something called Eurorail pass which you can buy in advance certain number of train trips (really recommended for traveling).
I don't really suggest you travel by plane because it consumes a lot of time and there are some times of the year in which there are riots at the airports, etc. Well, maybe you can take a plane only if you are traveling long distances that require more than 12 hours by train (there are many options of night trains) but that it's up to you.
Personally, I think that traveling by train has its own charm: it is quick, comfortable, cheap, you are responsible of your own bags, and the view of the road is really pretty.

So if you decide to follow my advice ha ha the itinerary would be something like this:
Maybe you can arrive to Roma, stay a day or two, then Venezia, a day or two, then go to Verona and stay half a day and go to Parma and stay the night there. Then Pisa half a day and Firenze and stay the night there and then you can either return to Rome to fly back or go to Milano and fly from there... it depends on your tickets of course...

You can do that also with France, Germany, Spain...