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Hey there again people.Does anybody know the best place to sort all your visas out. PLUS Do you have to get all your visas sorted now for the countries you are to visit.Cheers for your help so far everyone:):):)

2. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Depends on where your going and what your planning on doing. Many countries you either don't need a visa or it's cheap/easy/quick to buy it at the border. Some you need in advance and can be got in an embassy on route somewhere a few days/week or 2 beforehand as convenient to you. A few are horribly time consuming, have strange rules and require proper planning and thinking ahead. Obviously if your looking at doing an extended stay somewhere without doing a visa run for a day, or at working you will need to plan these beforehand and get them early.

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Oz you need a visa, but that can be done online or a travel agent could do that for you-well cheap-about £20 max, its valid for 3 months. obvioulsy theres a a WHV.

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The best place to sort out the visas? Well - usually the embassy!
Sadly there's no one place to sort out all the visas at once! And no need to get them all before, or it depends, for sure not if you're going to travel for a long time. We just got them as we went, from one country to another. Yes, wouldn't it be a wonderful world if there were no borders...?