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Hi Everyone,

I seem to be getting more and more confused about which vaccinations I should get so thought id come on for some more advice. Ill be heading to South East Asia in the next month to 6 weeks and have been advised that I need vaccinations for Rabies, Japanese E, and Hep B. I have read on a few forums that some people dont bother getting Rabies and Japanese E. What do you guys think? Im probably going to be travelling around SE Asia for 4-5 months, including some rural areas. I have priced these up at a few travel clinics and the total cost is over £400, does this seem expensive to anyone?



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Hi Martin.

By no means am i any expert in vaccinations, but as i too have had issues working out what vaccinations i need. i thought i'd lend some info i have picked up.

If anyone else knows differently to me please inform Martin if my advice is wrong!!!

Im going to be in South East Asia for a few months from about Novemeber time going through quite a lot of different countries before i get there as i set off this friday. So i have had to sort out my vaccinations out beofre i go.

I think where you might get conficting views is due to the fact that you are going to rural areas. Myself and the guys im travelling with are mainly sticking to the tourist trail.

Malaria Tablets have been the biggest issue to plan for us. As countries where Malaria can be a risk tend to be safe in the areas in which tourists are staying.

Using the website is helpful!!! (especially the Maleria Map)

The advice i have got from my doctor was that i would need injections for Hep A. and Typhoid. Which i have now had.

I asked her about Rabies myself, as people had mentioned it to me, and she gave me a funny look and basicly said dont go touching any strange animals! From reading about Rabies, the vaccination itself will not stop you from contracting the disease, it only allows for more time for you to seek medical attention if you are a great distance away from proper medical help! So in your case going into rural areas, you maybe at a greater risk than myself, so you will have to weigh that up!

Hepatitis B is usually spread through contaminated blood via sexual intercourse, needle sharing, blood transfusions and injections. This also includes body piercings and Tattoos. I know someone who once took thier own needles with them just incase! But as far as i was concerned, as long as i was wise to how i could potentially contract it, i am safe to go without vaccination. Maybe some would consider that a bit flippant.

Jap. E, was conflicting, as one of my other travel partners was offered it, whereas i wasnt! all of us have decided against it. Apparently its only found in certain mozzies that live round rice paddies and piggeries out in rural areas (thus, maybe an issue for yourself)

These website offers good info on Jap.E

Jap. E. is the only major concern i have, but is generally rare, and as the second link explains, about the time we (yourself included) will be visiting, there is a lower risk too. If you choose to have it you should get the ball rolling as there is several courses of treatment!

As for expense, That does sound steep, but i know people quoted a simular figure, it all adds up!

Good care in looking after yourself from mozzie bites should be a priority, and will hopefully keep you safe!

I hope that might have helped a little!!!

Might see you on your travels, hopefully fit and well!


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Hi Martin,

In my opinion you can go without having vaccination against Rabies and Jap E.
Jap E is relatively rare, for instance dangue fever is a much worst threat but unfortunately there is no vaccination against it.
You can catch Rabies mostly from bats and dogs. It indeed doesn't give much protection, you will still go through a treatment. Thailand is where you have to watch out for stray dogs and bats around caves. Even as a cyclist I gave up on repeating rabies vaccination.

Hep B on the other hand is very important!

Hope this clarifies a bit.