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Hi there

Just some general advice really on anyone that's managed to get work in Oz. I'm 31 and have a 12 month working holiday visa that needs to be started before February 2012. I'd like to work and do 3 months then head onto South America for maybe 4-5 months, then come back to Oz for the remainder 9 months. I'm a fully qualified Graphic Designer - not sure if this type of skill is sought after or whether it's worth sticking to 3 months working on farms as im 31 and it could be the only I can re-apply for a visa if I'd like to stay another year...

Many Thanks

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There is no "remainder" 9 months. The 12 months you're allowed to be in Australia can't be put on halt. So after 3 months in Australia and 4 in South America, you'll only have 5 months left in Australia. (I thought you posted another thread in which you knew that?)

As a graphic designer with experience, you should be able to find plenty of work (probably mostly freelance) to keep you busy. Check the job board at Australian INfront. The rates offered might not be up to your standards (even after converting between the different standards of living), but they'll certainly beat what you'd get for unskilled labour like farm work.

As you're already 31, you won't be able to get a 2nd WHV. What you could do is get a Bunac WHV for New Zealand which (only through Bunac for UK citizens) is valid until age 35, and then in between working and travelling New Zealand, you could also do up to a three month return visit to Australia on a regular eVisitor.

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I can give you very general advice - as I'm not in the same industry and it also depends on whereabouts in Australia you are planning to be.

My husband and I are here on a working holiday visa (27 & 28) - we arrived in Perth at the end of June. I'm a Company Secretary at home and my husband is a Governance/Compliance/Lawyer. We managed to secure office based work very quickly (within a matter of weeks) which was paying upwards of $30 p/h.

I decided to have a go at trying to get a 'propper' job whilst we are here so speculativly sent my CV out to some companies yesterday - and I've already got an interview lined up for Monday.

So this is our general experience in Perth - if you're prepared to do office monkey stuff (boring but well paid) then you'll be better off doing that than farm work.


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As Sander says you can't put your working visa on hold, your working visa starts once you step foot in Oz and expires one year to the day after that, regardless of what you do in the interim period.

I was in Sydney on a working visa last year when I was 30. I got work almost immediately that lasted up until I left and I was on $26 per hour.

I am sure you will be fine.