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HELP - kiting in Vietnam.

Travel Forums Asia HELP - kiting in Vietnam.

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12. Posted by KiteMuiNe ( 0 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

Hi there, I'm the owner of a Kiteschool in Mui Ne.
To make things a little bit clearer about Mui Ne as a Kite spot:

- there are about 22 school along the 4km beach;
- most of them are not more than 2 season old, with staff that changes every season, or local Vietnamese staff with bad English bit cheap prices;
- jellyfish is an issue only in mid season (october/november or marc/april), and they are absolutely not BOX jellyfish. They do sting, but it's not life threatening;
- Mui Ne is the biggest and most reliable kite spot in Vietnam, and only second to Borocay (Philippines) in all Asia;

Kitesurfing is a potentially dangerous sport, and running a Kite School, although looks easy, is like running a normal business. Beware of too cheap price, because most likely you get what you pay for: cheap tuition.

My school is -snip-, English/Italian owned, employing only local expats with more than 5 years teaching and riding in this spot.

In case you need any further info, please contact me


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