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I live in bridlington, east yorkshire, in the north of england.
I've done a bit of travelling and love to meet new and interesting people, I'm tied to one piont for the next year. so I thought "if I can't go and see the world ..., ..then the world can come and see me!" THIS ISN'T WWOOFing but I'm interested to see how many people would be interested in coming to stay(not all a once.lol) NO WORK NO CATCH!!.
jsut chill out whith a brit. beer telly conversation etc. PS.I'm not a nutter ...SERIOUSLY! lol

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Hey Sekib2003, aka Jon!

Welcome to Travellerspoint! I think you have the right idea about the site, it's all about sharing. Hmmm, the north of england next year. I don't think that is going to work too well for me what with all the wedding plans going on. But I might take you up on those beers in front of the tele, can we do the conversation over the internet???

By the way, if you update your profile a bit more, people will most likely be less inclined to think you are a nutter for doing this, or maybe more inclined....depends on what you put in the profile I guess, lol.



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Hey Jon, (sorry couldn't remember your screen name)
I'm heading out to Reading, England for the spring semester. I'm from California and trying to see as much of the world as possible. I might just have to take you up on that beer and tele. It would be nice to get some advice from someone who knows that part of town on what to see. It's awful good of you to put that offer out there, it takes a lot of sand to do that, unless of course you're a nutter.



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Bridlington? Lucky thing! I have some fond memories of Bridlington, winter and summer, as a kid. We went there a few times to see the sea, even though we lived in London. I remember a fantastic fun parlour on the pier, where you put pennies in and a whole lot of coins fell out the other end. It was my first experience, and i have loved this game ever since.
We ate some kind of shellfish, whelks and periwinkles I think they were, with vinegar, walking along the sea front. Most places from my childhood I hardly remember at all, but Bridlington was the first fun place we went to on holiday.
I remember the sea was the colour of slate. When we later went to Australia, also as kids, it took a while to get used to the colour of the sea being blue, not grey. We thought it was a trick, like somehow, being upside down in the Southern hemisphere, the sky had fallen in the sea.

Coming back to Bridlington, to anyone holidaying in England I can recommend Bridlington for a visit.

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kudos jon, good humanitarian work youre doing here :)

im new to this board, as ive been poking around recently for some ideas on backpacking and hitching around the uk. a friend and i are planning a spontaneous "spur of the moment" trip around england/scotland for the end of this feb. were students at the sorbonne for the year, and need to get out of paris for a little fresh air. if you were wondering whod be interested in your offer, all i can say is any poor college student wanting to travel right? ie: i would!

so, if youre looking for some guests the last week of feb shoot me a message, well think about it :)