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1. Posted by hanjr (First Time Poster 1 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hi everyone,

My name's Hannah and i'm 22yrs old. I'm going to be travelling to Bangkok on the 1st December on my own until my cousin gets out on the 19th Dec. I've never done anything like this before and am a little bit apprehensive!

It would be nice to be with someone at the airport and travel to hostel with. Is anyone going to be going out there at the same time or have any tips so i don't get on to the "wrong" kind of transport? There are a lot of people at home being negative about me going on my own, which is understandable i guess.

Look forward to hearing from any of you


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Bangkok is about as safe as anywhere in the world (apart from pick pockets of which there are a fair number) and you will find kids on their own at midnight. Thousands of tourists on their own arrive in Thailand every day so no big deal.

You might find another young lady on her own queuing for the same flight. Chat to her and see if you can get a seat next to her for the long flight out there. A few years back, I sat next to a young Thai woman returning to the country after some years abroad.

Go to KSR, eat at a pavement restaurant and you will soon find some friends. However some are predators and you should be careful they do not take your money, passport, etc. You want someone who has arrived in the country in the last few days rather than someone living there by stealing off of tourists.

At the airport go downstairs and get the train into town. Pick the cheap one to Makkasan (not the express) and then downstairs from there and a taxi to your destination in Bangkok.

Taxis in Bangkok are cheap and metered. The wrong kind of transport is a rip-off tuk-tuk.

Accommodation is cheap in Bangkok. Air conditioning is worth paying a bit extra for as it is HOT there.

Some places will be shut on Dec 5th as it's the king's birthday. Xmas day is just another day there.

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Also, you could try Thailand International Tours, who cater especially for females travelling on their own, and specialise in helping first time visitors settle in Thailand on the right footing, sharing their experiences, putting you int he right direction Hannah. Could be handy at least for the first few days anyway, if not longer, depending on your budget.

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You can travel from airport to hostel by Airport link now. It's easy and the system is ok now, you can move out from airport with airport link and change to subway [MRT] or sky train [BTS] the interchange station is in the heart of the city ^^

By the way some places were effected by flooding these day and yes including Jatujak market or you may know as sunday market.....anyway Khaosan road and Grand palace and even Silom is safe!

Nearby provinces such as Pattaya, Cholburi and Karnchanaburi still safe.

To travel alone here is not that hard and so many tourist from around the world enjoy here and you may find another tourist to join travelling. So many tourist have done like this but if you like travelling alone it's ok too!

Hope you enjoy!

Ps. Please find the information of the places you'd like to visit that is it still ok or not due to the flooding situation...

with care