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1. Posted by Oatsey (First Time Poster 1 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!


I'm going on my honeymoon next year for 3 weeks starting mid October.

We will be flying to and from NYC and will want to spend 3-4 days there to start with and we intend to spend a few days looking at leaves falling off trees in New England at the end of the trip.

The "problem" we have (insomuch as you can call deciding where to have the time of your life a problem) is we haven't decided where to go in-between visiting these destinations and also are unsure as to the best way to "do" new England in fall (we had thought about renting a car from NYC and making a round trip).

The other places we have considered/would like to go to are San Fran, San Diego, Portland and/or Seattle, New Orleans, Nashville and possibly erm Dollywood in Tenesee(not my idea!)

I appreciate that in the space of the 10-12 days we would have spare we wouldn't be able to take in all these places but I would really appreciate any advice on suggested routes/schedules, which of these places is good or avoidable, the best mode of transport to get to places and if theres anywhere thats amazing that I should really be going

In terms of what we want out our trip we're in our early thirties so still like to party(just not as hard as we used to!) and both really love food music and art

And for the sake of clarity we have no desire to go to Vegas, Florida or LA!

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I am originally from NYC and have traveled alot throughout New England. You can easily spend three weeks just in New England and NYC.

If you rent a car a few places I would stop along the way (New England) are Mystic Ct, its a beautiful coastal town on the boarder of Ct and Rhode Island. If you are up for another big city Boston is nice however I would try to make a day trip to Salem Ma. October is the best time of year to visit Salam as it is very festive for Halloween. Portsmouth New Hampshire is another fun town to visit and it is on the boarder of Kittery Maine. If you want to do any shopping on your travels there is an outlet mall in Kittery that has great deals.

Maine is beautiful no matter where you go. If you are up for the drive for Acadia national Park it is well worth it however it is about an eight hour drive from NYC. Once there you have the National Park and the Village of Bar Harbor to visit.

All of the other locations you have mentioned are great however very long driving distances. It took me about three weeks to drive from New York City to San Diego and back and while it was fun we spent most of our days in the car.

Out of your list I would say New Orleans is a must see. If you could make it there for the last weekend in October they have a huge music festival called Voodoo fest. I went last year and it was amazing plus the city is so festive at that time of year. Not nearly as chaotic as Mardi Gras but still lots of fun. It is a 24 hr drive from NYC. I drove last year and would not recommend it. The drive down was not too bad however the drive back after a weekend of music festivals partying and sight seeing was a little much.

You can easily fly out to San Franciso rent a car and drive down to San Diego as well. Both cities are beautiful.

If you need any more help feel free to ask

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Hey Oatsey, welcome to Travelerspoint, yea you could spend your entire time in New England. Philadelphia, Boston, even Chicago and DC would keep you close enough to NYC to not feel rushed to get back...lots of history in Philly, Boston and the former colonies in that area. I'd also discourage a west coast adventure this time around unless you wanted to fly and even then you might feel be a bit rushed. But I do like your west coast selections and would suggest keeping them on your list for future adventures.

I'm originally from Nashville and if you're a die-hard country music might not be to disappointed...seriously though, Nashville's not a bad visit but I'd save it for another time and I'd definatly skip Dollywood.

Memphis, TN on the other famous blues city, along side Chicago. Not sure what's going on in Oct but I'm sure you can google it...BB King has a club there...BBQ and other great food...

Which brings us to New Orleans, Jude 1019 is spot on. I think you'd both get some good story's there...

Only other advice, If you do decide to get outside of New England and it's in your and rent a car when you get there...places like New Orleans or even don't want to spend all your time want to spend it checking out the cities...I like the scenery in that area and it would be a great drive but...time constraints and all...I checked out googlemaps...NYC to Memphis - 18hrs driving time and about 1200 if you can...

Have a safe journey and remember, if you get lost..............................have fun!

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Well, if you end up coming to the West coast in October be aware that Portland/Seattle will more than likely be rainy/cold. If that doesn't bother you then fine, but just be aware.

I am from San Diego, and we have lovely weather(historically) in October. Beginning is still warm usually with it cooling off by the end of the month. Lots to do here though, some of the BEST mexican food in the country. Balboa Park is nationally known and is larger than Central Park in total, with lots of art and local artisans as well. We have beautiful beaches, great restaurants, and an overall laid back atmosphere that is different than the East coast. So if you end up coming out this way, that's my four cents!

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your mother in low wth you?
if yeas i'd suggest some bungee jumping.

every day for 3 weeks. night too, but in case god forbid something goes wrong you loose the show..