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Am going to these 3 places, 4 nights in LA late Jan, 4 nights in DC, have to get to NYC somehow (how much is the bus/how long does it take?), then 4 nights in NYC, how much US will I need? Am young and female and travelling by myself, staying in hostels, any recommendations?? Thanks

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This page for lower cost DC to NYC:

This page for hostels:

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thanks, but im looking for something a bit more personalised, i already have my flights booked..

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Hi Proseuche and welcome to Travellerspoint!

There is one hostel that I have noticed heaps of bookings coming through for in New York and that is the Hostelling International hostel. I think their rates are pretty good for their location and the whole picture.
They also have split male/female dorms which might be of interest to you as a single female travelling?

Not too sure about your other questions as I haven't bussed that distance myself...

I'll feature the thread on the front page for ya :)



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I've recently stayed in the Gerscwin Hostel in New York (as a female on my own), great location just off 5th avenue nr Madison Square park. Rooms were reasonable rate for new york i guess. Hostel rooms very basic but clean enough and great people staying there. They host a free comedy night and various other events.
Not sure on getting to NY on bus as I flew from there to LA.

Hope this helps...enjoy

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Could you give more info? Are you looking to take a bus from NY to LA?

thats a long trip. you might what to break it up or book airfare

first start here

this is the only bus i know about for NY to LA, i have never taken it

or by air


this airline is very good and low cost

Good luck ive never been to NY but LA i know questions? just ask.

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I'm flying from LA to Washington, then catching a bus after a few days in DC from DC to NYC. Thanks though

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ack.. Don't fly Southwest to NYC.. It takes you way the heck out in long island and you'll have a hike just to get to the city. I'd suggest train if you can afford the extra money to take it. Having made the drive a number of times.. D.C. to NYC driving your own car is about 11ish hours driving give or take for weather and traffic... on a bus you are gonna be looking at 15-17 hours with all the stops and stuff. If you go for the bus your best bet is gonna be but if you are looking at train travel try

I don't know the area hostels cause I live here, but expect 125 per night US if you go for a standard hotel on the outskirts of the city. I think you can still take the subway around the city for 10us per day or so, if you want to deal with the subway while you're here. If you want someone to meet up with for a day or so I'd be happy to show you around a bit. Let me know