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Hey guys.As I have said I am just beginning to plan a RTW trip and I am just trying to finalise my short list of countries which I wish to visit.I want to see lots of South East Asia but I also want to go to Australia and New Zealand.Do I need a full year to travel round Aus and NZ on there own???If so would it be worth booking a trip visiting South East Asia first and then maybe visiting Aus and NZ at a later date?:)

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when i travelled australia i did the east coast then back down through the centre in 2 months - it was awesome, although a tiny bit of a rush, but i didnt have more time available. then there's the west coast which is a must see! so if you're not workin around i'd say about 4 months australia minimum, around 4-6 weeks each island for north and south new zealand, but thats just my opinion based on when i went.

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I spent 10 months in New Zealand, which wasn't nearly enough. (I hit most major destinations, but 80% of that I still want to explore more thoroughly.) So far I've spent 6 months in Australia, and only seen the tiniest bit of it all.

So I guess you'd need about ten years just to start doing those two countries justice, and that's if you rush it. :D

In your case, I'd say, don't even try to see it all. Do your research, hit samples of all the different types of places both countries have to offer (for example, for australia: don't spend all your time exploring all the worthwhile little towns of the east coast, but limit yourself to only one or two places there, and fly over to Alice, taking a tour to Uluru and seeing something of the outback and visit Perth and rent a car and drive up the west coast for a week or two), and treat however many months you use for all that as just a fact-finding mission, based on which you will then later come back to really explore these countries.

To get a decent sample of the countries, I'd say 3-4 months for Australia, and 6 weeks for New Zealand, although especially New Zealand deserves as many more weeks as you have available.

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Well, I spent almost 10 months in Australia and only got to see the east-coast (Melbourne-Sydney-Brisbane-Cairns) and all the little towns in between.I would've seen more if I wouldn't have to work but I was with that WH-visa so I wanted to work.But I'd recommend something like 3-4 months,pick the best places!.
All the best and good travels!

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Cheers for all the advice.It has been very helpful for me trying to sort out my shortlist of countries.Thanks Guys