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New Zealand January 2012

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1. Posted by dutchempress (Budding Member 5 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

Hey everyone,

As this was by far the hardest year at work I have taken the decision to take one year off.
I am almost 30 (yikes..) and one dream was always to go to NZ. I have done Oz, asia etc but never made it to travel New Zealand. After living for 8 years in Canada and now in Ireland I miss the nature, the mountains, the outdoors etc.. So off I go :) I have 15 more working days left than I will go to Bali for 2 months (my second home) and January I will finally begin my new adventure, a new page in my book.

I have a few questions though for the travellers who have already been there or are living there..
I have noticed that bus etc can be rather expensive what are the chances of meetin up with someone who wants to buy a car.. or are most people just bussing it etc? Im one of those old people WITHOUT a license.. (i got a motorbike license so thats all i ever needed..)
Right now i noticed the kiwi ex. has a 50 % sale but I am scared to be stuck with 18 yr old drink kids (sorry for the non party animals)...

How safe is it for female travelers? I was planning to just buy a tent etc and really be outdoors.. I am there for the nature, the trip, the locals etc not to party all night long.. (ok a party once in a while no problem.. but you get my point..)

Hopefully some can give me some tips etc.. or someone is in the same boat as me let me know :)

Have a great day :)
From rainy Ireland..

2. Posted by Sander (Moderator 5164 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

Wow, sounds exciting. Good luck with it all; I'm sure you'll have an amazing time.
New Zealand is an extremely safe country in most regards (there's actually a lot of burglary and petty theft, if I remember those statistics correctly, but being there as a traveller, you couldn't feel safer).

It's been a few years since I was there last, but it used to be that nearly every single hostel I visited had a note or two up on the notice board about people travelling somewhere by car and looking for fellow travellers heading in the same direction to share fuel costs.
As for busses: the further you get away from January (peak season), the more discounts you should come across. Intercity busses have non refundable fares when you book well in advance (these used to be marketed as "SuperSaver"), but "well in advance" used to be as little as 2 days in advance in low season. Their bus passes can also work out pretty cheaply if you do the math, and there's nakedbus as a relatively new player on the market, which has promotional $1 fares and generally tries to slightly undercut Intercity. The network is excellent, and busses go virtually everywhere you could possible want to go on a daily basis; several times a day for popular routes.

3. Posted by kayceebay (Budding Member 5 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

If you are there for a while its worth looking into buying a car with someone... my first car (and second after crashing that) cost $800 and $900 respectively and they were both road ready! As NZ is so small you can travel anywhere easily however petrol is pretty expensive there! Bus arn't too bad naked bus is definately the way to go though! I used to use it when I was still living there and travelling between Auckalnd and Tauranga all the time... worth a look :)

4. Posted by dutchempress (Budding Member 5 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

thanks guys!! i have skipped on the kiwi bus and now the local bus sounds fine. i think once im there the nerves will leave.... im getting super excited now.. and 13 working days left!!

5. Posted by vinnierok (Budding Member 19 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

im a 26 yr old girl, ill be travelling in NZ from 7th dec - 4th jan so would be looking for travel companion if your interested?.

6. Posted by dutchempress (Budding Member 5 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

hey sorry but it looks like i now wont arrive till the 18 th :( my friend decided to come and stay w me on bali for 2 wks. but have fun!!!