2 weeks alone in january, where to go?

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Hope I posted this in the right thread.


I am a 21 year old Norwegian. I am planning to have vacation from the first of february 2012 til the 20th of february 2012. In these 20 days i plan on travelling. I will travel alone (for the first time). My only question is, where should I go? I plan on travelling for around 15 days, and my budget including everything (travel, food and stay) is USD 3500 (flights from Oslo, Norway are quite expensive so have to consider that). Earlier I have visited almost all of Europe (so thats out of the equation), North America (Texas, New York, boston and Miami) and China, but I am open to any other place. My hobbies are meeting people, shopping, clubbing and working out. Also, i have never stayed in a hostel or something similar.

I am looking into the ”mount everest base camp trek”-trip (anyone tried that?), a trip to Tokyo (might be cold in february) or Thailand, but I am also checking out couchsurfing (seems kind of fun)

Hope anyone have the patience to read this! ☺

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If you will be traveling in February I would recommend going to more Southern states in the United States, perhaps California or Arizona. The temperatures there in February are great.

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I think Japan would be a perfect place for you since you love shopping and all the activities that ordinary teen girls would love. There are also a few nature trips in Japan so maybe you might want to check it out.

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Japan is a nice place to travel but it is abit expensive than your budget :( So i think Viet Nam and Cambodia is okay with your budget and your hobbies arround 15 days.

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I'd go with Arizona and US South West. Tucson, Arizona is a great city with a small town feel and it's right in the middle of the desert so you can get stuck into hiking, walking, bicycling, hot air baloon rides and lots more.
Bus transport, especially the shuttles, are an amazing service which get you around a vast area reasonably cheaply. There's so much to see and do around Arizona I could be here all day listing places of interest, and, the weather at that time is bound to be really hot too.
You can find good priced guesthouses and 2/3* hotels all over the state and eat for small money also.
Hope that helps.
www.visittucson.org - this may help you make your decision.

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You could go to Malaysia, Langkawi -is the nicest touristic destination in the country, especially for Sky Bridge; it should be a unique experience.

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When I read your hobbies/interests, I had two countries in mind... Paris and Japan. Take a pic or maybe you would like to go to both.

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