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I was hoping someone could help.

me and my best mate are planning a Road Trip for 3 weeks across America. East Coast to West Coast.

We planned to spend 2/3 days in NY first then rent a car, travel down to Washington DC spending a day there then moving on to Chicago. From there we were thinking about taking Route 66 across the middle of the USA spending maybe a week on the road then heading over to Las vegas then finally onto LA to spend 3/4 days there before flying home.

I was thinking however is it best to hire a decent car in NY then leave it in LA (if that is possible) or get an RV for 2/3 people to save on hotels etc.

Any advice would be welcome. Budget isn't a major issue, were prob looking around £3,000 each for hotels, renting car and food etc. But if need be we can stretch a little further.

Look forward to hearing from everyone as to what I should do and the main places you think I should visit :)


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So historic route 66 no longer exists:

You could probably piece it together.

Renting/hiring a car one way is pretty expensive. Your best shot is to go to and try to name your own price. Otherwise look for deals.

You may be save some money on car rental in the East coast by using Megabus, reasonable prices and generally gets you into the major cities.

The only company I know that rents RV is CruiseAmerica, you can try to google for others.

Alternative to RV is get a mini-van, put all the seats down (or take them out) and put in a $15 air mattress.

In either case you most likely will have to pay for camping fees, very rarely can you find a place to simply park and spend the night...

Good Luck!

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I think you'll be suprised by how fun DC can be.. one of my favorite cities. NYC is obv a must see and great to spend time in..

i dont know how often you've done long road trips across vast tracts of nothingness but just understand that it can be very draining and it might make you want to spend more time than normal at destination cities.

I would probably fly from DC to chicago then CHI to Vegas and save the cars for the inbetween if you'd like.

i dont know the details of renting a car and driving it across country..
i would definitely say check out vegas, and though i've never been to the pacific northwest it might be worth going to norcal/seattle/washington state if your going to be in the global area.

i dont know how much time is a factor for ya but if it were, i would fly the major distances so i could spend more time on the east/west coasts.. if your hell bent on driving about i would rather drive from LA up to seattle in terms of the view and the lifestyles... most of middle america is just one giant boring dustbowl or farm towns that can be rather xenophobic to say it gently

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Honestly, as everything in NYC is more expensive, I would take a Bolt Bus (nice and has wifi and is SUPER CHEAP) down to DC, then get a car somewhere around there for the rest of your trip.

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A piece of advice - If you register your vehicle, you get a vehicle pass to display in your left front windshield and directions for the vehicle route from overnight town to overnight town. When you get in to town volunteers direct those with a vehicle pass to the RV parking sites which are reasonably close to showers, bus stops, etc. If you don't have a pass you might slip through, but you might not, then you'll be on your own to find a place to squat overnight.

Keep informed about things to do in and surrounding areas. Never be left out again! -snip-

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