First time in hongkong for 4 days, Please review,thanks!

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1. Posted by Behry (First Time Poster 1 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

We are going to stay in Hong Kong for 4 days in November.

The following are the places/attractions I really want to see this time around.

1. Please tell me if it is realistic to somehow manage to see all these places in 3 days.

2. If you have to choose JUST ONE market to visit, which one would you choose and why?

We are NOT looking for electronics.Just traditional knick- knacks and may be some designer brand clothing if available for a good price.

3. Given the places we want to see, which hotel is central? We are looking for 3+ Stars ( mid range)-as I know,HK is a little small,stay will be rough,and my chinese friend introduce me -snip-,shoule you give me more advice???

4. How is Ocean Park? Just another theme park? We will be traveling with kids. But we have seen our fair share of theme parks here in Southern California!

Attractions :

Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple

Po Lin Monastry

Victoria Peak

Kowloon Walled City Park

chinese arts and craft ltd

ladies market

symphony of lights


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2. Posted by sunset1999 (Full Member 108 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

You're going to be able to see a lot in 4 days, though some things you may want to spend the whole or half day to get there and back i.e. Po Lin Monastry. If you have time on the day you leave, you can visit the Po Lin Monastry because that is on the same island as the airport and you can check in your luggage and don't have to carry it around with you which is what I did last year. There's also left luggage at the airport as well. You can take buses to Tung Chung and then take a shuttle (I think it costs $37 or something like that for one person) or the cable car (which I didn't take but you may want to because of the kids).

As for Ocean Park, if you've been to lots of amusement parks then I wouldn't bother since you'd probably want to spend a day there.

The shops in HK normally open at 11am so you can probably see Victoria peak early in the morning and hit the shops at night. The markets for knick knacks normally open at night i.e. ladies market/temple market. They all basically sell the same stuff. I also wouldn't get designer brand clothing from the markets as they are probably fakes unless that is your intention. You can haggle with the owners especially if you buy more than one.

As for the other attractions I haven't been. But I'm hoping to explore Victoria Peak this December. You'll probably need to get some kind of travel card as well especially with kids as they wouldn't want to walk everywhere. I also find that kowloon is a pretty central place to stay. I like the Jordon area as it is where the temple market and very close to the ladies market in Mong Kok. Also most hotels in HK will add on beds if there's room in the room depending on how many kids you are taking.

I would also take time to rest because the kids will probably get grumpy since there's normally a lot of walking involved and HK is quite busy/fast paced.

Have fun!

3. Posted by tuescon (First Time Poster 1 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

you should do po lin monastry. not only do you get some culture, it's also where citygate is located. it's a nice outlet mall that houses quite a fair bit of brands. you might want to check it out online before deciding.

if you like high end fashion, there is a prada outlet in hk. it's located in aberdeen which is actually quite out of the way. it's called space warehouse. check google, there should be loads of articles on it.

hope this helps!

4. Posted by tailwind (First Time Poster 1 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Victoria Peak is a must for any visitor to HK. If on your first day it is cloud free in HK, go up there as soon as possible. When it`s foggy/rainy (which often happens) there are no views..

I think the ladies market is heaps of fun, especially if you like to bargain and buy all sorts of knick knacks. The neighbouring streets are also crammed with all sorts of shops, fex electronics, sporting goods, cosmetics, shoes +++
It`s crowdy and a bit chaotic, but that`s half the fun.

Do not miss the Symphony of lights, which takes place every night. I think it is the biggest of it`s kind in the world, plus - it`s free!! Walk down to the quay on the Kowloon-side (or on HK Island if you decide to stay there), and enjoy the spectacular laser-show (and the not so fantastic chinese music). The kids will have a good time as well!

I would prefer to stay in Kowloon, as it is close to the action and it`s easy to get around with the subway etc.
Have a look at The Salisbury YMCA, the name suggests it is a hostel, but is in fact an affordable 3 star hotel located next to the famous Peninsuala Hotel. The standard is ok, and I find the rooms bigger than in other hotels I`ve stayed in, plus the location is great They have even got family rooms.
Check out
Take the airtrain from the airport to Kowloon Station, and there are complimentary shuttle buses which stops just next to the hotel (bus nr K2). Best and fastest way to get into the city (the stop is called The Kowloon Hotel/The Peninsula)! Same procedure when you go back as well, the busses pass every 10-12 minutes all day.

Enjoy!! :)