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I am thinking about spending 4-6 weeks in the West US and Canada in mid 2004. Wonder if anyone had been on either or both the Suntrek or Trek America tours and could recommend a tour and company. Also are there any national parks that are highlights/must sees?

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this was my top park! (only been to 3) lol

Zion is a great park you can do 1 hour hikes to 4 day hikes very very nice.


regards Dillon

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ooooo forgot here are some pics and more info

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Hey Lingo,
I have been to many of the National Parks in W Canada and the US. It often depends on the season you are going, though . .. . I have mostly been durring the summer. I would recomend in Canada seeing Banff National Park, Yoho National Park (sapposed to have some of the best ice climbing in the world in winters, if that's your thing), Waterton National Park- those are all located in the Canadian Rockies, and are spectacular, to say the least. Some of the best hiking is in these parks. In Yoho, many trails depart from the Emerald Lake area, which is a very beautiful part of that park. Near there is the Frasier River which many companies take whitewater rafting down, and it is incredible. Also, along the West Coast in British Columbia is the Sunshine Coast, which is also not to be missed. There are beautiful subtropical rainforests along there and not to mention the ocean, plus lots of great camping. You take a fairy up from Horseshoe Bay outside of Vancouver. In the USA, I have been to Yellowstone National Park, which is a very interesting and educational experience- it is filled with I think the world's third largest- aside from Austrailia and Iceland- "collection" (if you will) of geysers, hot springs, mud pots, which might sound boring but is really unique and interesting, plus tonnes of wildlife to been seen all over the park. That is located in Wyoming, mostly. Also, furthur south, Joshua Tree National Park is a very interesting desert park in California- there are huge boulders there the size of a two story house (no doubt)! I am not sure how long you plan to travel, and I gave you quite a wide range, but I hope this helps you narrow down a decision. (Aside: I would recommend instead of going with a tour group, just going it alone, renting an RV if you don't have one, and concentrate in one or two parks. I think the experience will be much more easily enjoyed that way, and the parks are easy to navigate, and any ranger or staff member at a roadside tourist office could give you detailed and timely advice.) Good luck and happy travelling!