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Hello everone,

Im an average American living in China. I just got super lucky and was asked to travel for 3 weeks to Cambodia and Thailand from Jan 14th to Feb 4th by a super hot co-worker of mine. We are just friends at this point but i would like to show her a good time and change that status. SO ... Angkor Wat is most def on the list, maybe rainforest camping? Is that even possible? Any good hiking and something cool to try in Cambodia.

Then lastly we want to go to Thailand, someplace with quiet tropical beaches. Maybe with some place you can go rock climbing/ cliff diving on those steep faced islands. Dunno, just want to be on the beach and bungalo, try to avoid big cities this time.

Any advice to help my amazingly lucky situation would be so awesome! Thanks!


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Cambodia is not really a camping country, but there are other things to do. This might help with your planning..

The Krabi area is one of the best rock climbing areas in Tland. You certainly need to visit Railay Beach. If you choose not to stay there, you should day trip it. Many climbing schools use Railay as a base. Koh Phi Phi should be on your list for both beach and climbing. The smaller Phi Phi Ley is where part of 'The Beach' was filmed. Great beach plus chance to climb as well. You should take your friend island hopping. Hire your own boat at Railay Beach and visit some of the dozens of uninhabited islands offshore. What could be better than having a tropical island all to yourself? I would use Krabi town as your base and visit some of the lesser developed islands like Koh Jum or Koh Lanta if you want to get away from the crowds.

Hope this helps with your planning.

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Best of luck mate. If you have any chance, it will be on this trip. Just don't over think it and hopefully it leads to something naturally. Keep us posted :)

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Hey thanks for the input.

I had another question about E visas to Cambodia. Im only going to be there for 4 days and was wondering if I should even bother getting it beforehand. Does it take a long time to process? What to do???

Thanks for the input guys. We just got the tickets today.

Ben :)

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I would organise your visa before hand. You can wait a long time at the airport to get it issued and also it can be bit corrupt so best get it now. Its doesn't cost much.