Hiya all!!!!!!

Travel Forums Introductions Hiya all!!!!!!

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Hi there folks - howz it going? I tend to do everything backwards - sort of read the other threads and then afterward I stop and spot the introduction bit - so thought I would introduce myself. I am on my travels next year RTW!! I have to admit most days I am quite excited about it and like to encourage people to go but today I am a little nervous!! My mind is sort of thinking 'what if I get kidnapped, don't meet anyone' and so on! Feel a bit comfy in my job at the mo and think 'Aaah change - no I don't want to do that' but there you go!! I'll stop babbling now I think. Anyone been on RTW wanna chat to me - about anything - did you run out of money - any weird experiences - I don't know anything you like??!! Will be nice to hear from you!! Also if you want to calm my nerves in any way poss - would be nice to hear from you also - cheers!!

L8R folks

Rach :)

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Hiya Rach-A! And welcome!

Well, you aren't the only one doing everything backwards... I believe the Introductions forum was the last one we added too :)

I think it is perfectly normal for anyone going on this kind of RTW trip to feel a bit 'overwhelmed' at times. Although I have never been on what is traditionally called a 'rtw trip', I like to think I have notched enough 6+ month travelling to account to something

Running out of money is, in a way, one of the best things that can happen on a trip like this as it generally means you have enjoyed yourself so much, you ended up staying away longer than planned. It is pretty common though... and unfortunately one of those things you have to consider (at least most of us do!!!). On the other hand, there are jobs you can do, for example teaching in Asia, which can end up paying for even more travelling while you are already in another country.

You will definitely meet up with other people though. This tends to be one of the things people worry about the most, but especially when staying in hostels, friends are made so quickly it is amazing! Travelling on your own only helps there actually...

Hope this helps :) Look forward to seeing you around on the forum...



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Hi yeh thanks that has helped me:) I just find myself in I think you can call it 'the comfort zone' where every now and again I find it a bit daunting doing what I am going to do!! I have travelled alone a couple of times previously but only for a week or two - I have always met people and got on with them but I guess this time round it is a bit longer and every now and again I get aphrehensive. However your advice has helped me grab my confidence back so cheers for that!!