where can I open a bank account?

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I am considering the option of a second savings account, in another country than my own (Netherlands).

To my surprise, this seems to be rather difficult; most countries' legislation seems to require that you're either a resident, or at least show up in person to prove your identity. I don't want either, that's too much hassle.

Can anyone tell me what to do / where to look? Thanks!

edit: I don't need generic responses; concrete pointers however are much appreciated


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You will always need to turn up in person to any known bank especially if its in another country, unless you have over $1million in which case you could become part of an offshore banking corporation.

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Hi Niels,

Most banks are under strict restrictions by anti-money laundering regulations when it comes to opening a bank account. Most countries by law won't allow you to open an account without you being resident in their county.
Just to give you an example: if you want to open an account in the UK, banks will ask for proof of address and be there in person before they can initiate account opening. However, if you try several branches, you can always find somebody who'd at the end of the day open the account without proof of address.
You may try large international banks (if you're an existing customer) that have branches in your country and in the country where you are planning to open a bank account. I heard - for instance - HSBC is well organized to be able to assist their customers with regards to foreign accounts.