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11. Posted by NiuMei84 (Full Member 113 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Hi Samsara!

I recommend mp3-player or i-pod.I had my discman with me when I last travelled and that wasn't very good idea because I had to drag all my cd's with me.:( Right now my friend is travelling around Thailand and she has a i-pod with her. I might buy one aswell because it contains free space for over 10.000 songs.



12. Posted by samsara_ (Travel Guru 5353 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Ill have to get on to my boss at work about a raise;)

As for the radio tuner Gelli, someone told me that there is some little attachment that you can get for the ipod to pick up radio frequencies...but i also heard that it is illegal?

Probably misinformed...

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hey-there is an i-pod you can get with a radio tuner-i'll have a look-coz i'm going to look into getting it-its the little 'Zen' pod-give me some time and i'll do some research! I couldnt handle all the cd thing while i was away-minidiscs i didnt mind.

I'm sooo fussy its unbelievable-the smaller the better.

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The ipod goes with me on most trips. It's a beaut. Mind you, if you've seen some of my other threads, you'll know I have become a mac addict so it's not strange I would go for the ipod.

I have the 20 gb version. The smaller mini would actually have been fine as well.

Gelli, I think you can get an attachment to the ipod that brings in radio frequencies. I have the iTrip attachment but that's a little different as it 'broadcasts' the music to any fm radio set to the right frequency making it possible to play your ipod music over a regular stereo or car stereo (speakers etc.)

The nice thing about the ipod is you can buy attachments and get support worldwide since they are so popular. You don't have that with some of the more obscure brands.

Plus, they just look cool

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Do ya know whats trustelly served me?
A CD/MP3 Personal cd player. 720mb of songs per CD and the fact you can play cds aswell.
Granted its abit cumbersome, but its worth it, just make sure your player has clam shockproofing and you got a hard plastic cd case.
Been very handy.

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MattXIII - Interesting. I think that's probably bigger than i'm looking for (and i don't really want to be carrying CDs as well), but i'm interested in the idea.

I've never come across a CD/MP3 cross before. As your happy with yours, what make and approx how old is it?

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As most people have mentioned. An mp3 player is definatly the way to go. I've travelled with a 512mb flash player which holds about 6-8hrs of music. When I got sick of the songs, I stoped at an internet cafe and put in a cd of mp3s and copied new ones on.

Nowdays the micro hard drive players like the ipod mini, creative zen micro, rio carbon, iriver h10, etc are all small and hold 4-5Gb of music which is more than enough for a decent trip! Unless you're addicted to music and listening to it every minute of everyday. In which case, shame on you!

You should be taking in the local sounds, etc which are half the experiance of traveling. Save the music for when you're stuck on a bus/plane/train or just relaxing.

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I think the Ipod Shuffle is a bargain for only £100 plus wouldnt take up any room and you can charge it up when you go into a net cafe.

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Quoting Gelli

I've never come across a CD/MP3 cross before.

I can't believe that... I'd say 3/4 of portable CD players made today will play MP3s off a CD. At a low-ish bit rate that is almost 800 minutes of songs on one CD. 300 minutes if your MP3s are way up the quality scale.

And I'll definitely recommend the purchase of CDs on your travels. Find a music shop that allows you to listen to CDs and ask them for a selection. I did that in Slovenia, they picked out 7 options. I bought all seven!

20. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

I think gelli was referring to players that play both mp3's (not on a cd) and cd's....

Personally, I like the ease of an mp3 player and not having to carry cd's with me. I always travel with my laptop though if I am away for more than one or two days so that makes having an mp3 player a flexible solution too (if you don't mind the extra weight of the laptop :) )