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11. Posted by noemagosa (Full Member 355 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

I think Seramos has answered well to your questions... but the only thing I'd like to add is that a lot of argentine people (but not all) drink a lot of mate... anytime of the day!! Not everybody likes it, but if you do, you might get "addicted"!!
I miss it... (too expensive here, it's like a luxury when we live outside of Argentina, but so cheap there!!)

For dressing code, I agree, better be prepared to change clothing according to the different "social events" you are going to...

And yes, argentines will appreciate if you make an effort to speak Spanish... and they might try to pratice their English with you in return! ;)

12. Posted by donlee23 (Full Member 34 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

I do not live in Argentina so if I made any errors in judgement I apoligize..and yes the Tango is for "tourists"..I live and work in the developing countries of Central America, speak Spanish, German, some Italian and Portuguese, Polish, Yiddish, and 2 Indingenous Lanaguages, etc. I am a trade and tourism specialist and writer and am a historian specializing on our region(Central America and Southern México) "MesoAmérica" The Mayan World, I first entered Argentina by train coming from Peru and Bolivia over 23 years ago and noted the contrasts..before Peron Argentina was the 9th wealthiest nation in the world, and like the US a nation of immigrants, and like the US the indingenous population was decimated (I loved Paraguay where over half the population speaks Guarani). Some Cariocas have "fat butts" so do many of the Central American women, Dominicanas, Puertoriqueñas, etc. (I grew up in New York) what? no me importa..I have lived 23 years in Latin America and find Latinos to be very critical of other Latinos..this is called "envidia" comes from a deep seated inferiority the way we are all "americans" in this hemisphere, I am from the "United States" en español soy "estadounidense" "when in Rome I do as the Romans do" I tell everyone how wonderful their country is..where I live I prefer the country and small town women, not for sex, but just to talk, they are "humilde"..70% of Latin America's population now under 25 and the USA has exported a lot of it's "bad habits"..I have a degree in psychology also. A cousin of my Mother's emigrated to B.A. Barrio El Once, my Mother and Uncle were given travel papers to come to another Latin Country in 1939 via Vienna Austria..I have enduring friendships in several Latin Countries and that is much more important to me than some concieted young woman "cabeza hueca" with a facial and makeup(mascara) who "thinks" I have money because I am an "american"..a la gran gran gran chucha!!! Try Chile...the Chileans are far more sincere.

13. Posted by seramos (Budding Member 9 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

I sent a private message to Donlee but his answer came back to the original thread...
There is a joke against us, argentines that says that the best deal you can strike to become a millionaire is to buy an argentine for what they are worth, and sell him/her for what they think they are worth.
There is certain lack of "humildad" in the average argentinean. Probably we think we are Europeans in disgrace. Around 20% -estimate- of the population actually hold european passports (from either Spain or Italy).
I agree to the mate drinking remarks (even if we don't drink it at home, most families do).... And as regards attire... well... it depends on the family (social class, etc...).

You see, I would not go to Argentina taking for granted that women are "cabezas huecas" (empty heads) when Buenos Aires has a huge proportion of university graduates/well educated people (you can even graduate from university without paying tuition fees at all at national universities). Probably the girl Daryl met is one of them.
Buenos Aires has a huge middle class, immensely affected by devaluation, unemployment, etc etc... Of course some women might be interested in thicker wallets (and exchange rates are truly favorable for you), but that can happen anywhere in the world. Donlee's resume and live experience is certainly very interesting.I would just recommend to let everybody to live their own experience...

I have not visited Chile, but the chileans I chatted with liked argentineans very much, specially our accent. Apparently a lot of argentinean women work in Marketing in Chile for that reason: special appeal from us which does not generally work the other way around. And chilean males keep complaining about chilean women.

As regards argentinean personality I would say that the only characteristic we share with tango is moaning and whining (complaining type of behaviour) compared to the stereotype of the much happier brazilian neighbours... or the "too obedient" (exploited) stereotype for other latin american countries... We are more "rebels" than other latin americans.


14. Posted by Wocca (Inactive 3745 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Quoting seramos

I sent a private message to Donlee but his answer came back to the original thread...

Hi Silvina

You also sent me a private message which I replied to. You asked what sort of "teacher recruiting" I was referring to in an earlier posting.There's nothing clandestine about this. My profile shows that I'm a university teacher in China. If you can access my webpage, I've also taught at high school, language schools, and IELTS to post-graduate nurses... in China, Thailand & India. I'm not considering moving to South America until say, July / August 2006.

Cheers rolleyes:

15. Posted by hahaha2000 (Budding Member 13 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Quoting Dylan23

To anyone who is familiar with the Argentine culture:

I am from the USA and have been considering visiting Argentina, specifically the Buenos Aires area.

I am curious if anyone would share with me some of their customs, traditions, etc. as well as some proper travel etiquette that I may overlook as a U.S. citizen.

Also I am curious about the following........It sounds kind of crazy but I am just being honest.

I met a girl from Argentina on my last vacation, and was very impressed with her. Would a family be offended or angry if a U.S. man showed interest in their daughter? I just want to understand this culture the best I can and not step on anyone's toes.

Thanks for your help ahead of time.


it is not crazy at all, all men tends to get good girls.

amigo,u think so much, really, just go for the girl with all your efforts

Do women from Argentina typically seek out men from their native country? = no , if u want this kind go to russia LOL

Would a family be offended or angry if a U.S. man showed interest in their daughter? = probably no, it depends on the ethnic group, spanish, italian , german, french, english, jews, other? and depend on you too, if you r too old and bad looking(only assumption), their parents will be angry for sure.

u have to know which ethnic group ur girl belongs to firstly...

if you wanna impress your future suegros, better learn some of their native languages, and love argentina soccer, this is a must.

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16. Posted by rab86 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

I really loved your post and I did have a few more questions since you seem to be quite the expert on this topic, as you have made me very interested in Argentinan women!

1)Do Argentinan women like to be approached and shown intrest? Or do they prefer to be teased and flirted with so they don't know if you like them or not?

2)On Average, what impresses Argentinan women (from Buenos Aires) the most? (Looks, Money, Speaking Spanish and being from US, ettiquette, exc.)

3)You said that there are different requirements depending on her age, when you were talking about paying for the meal and opening doors, what ages have different requirements?

4)How long (on average of course) would you say the average women of Buenos Aires expect to date (go out to eat, exc.) before they are interested in having sex? (ex. 2 dates, 1 week, exc.)

5)Would you mind telling me some some great restaurants, travel locations or cities in the surrounding area or even across the border that Argentinan women would dream of visiting or being taken to?

6)Are there the same dating expectations and time before having sex expectations for the women attending UBA?

7)You said before that most unmarried women live with their families, would this mean they wouldn't be able to go on an overnight trip with a friend/date to visit another city?

8)You mentioned that it is good to dress up to go out, what styles of clothes are "de modo" in Argentina?

9)What does the Argentinan women expect from a man in a friendship? In a dating relationship, what is a man supposed to do/talk about? Are they supposed to call her every day, meet the parents, take them out every day? Or just call and take her out every once in a while. Does the woman want the man to talk about marriage/family or just to have fun? In a sexual relationship, does the (average) woman expect marriage or hope for marriage or are they just trying to show affection/have fun?

10)La ultima pregunta. Que son algunas maneras suaves o "de modo" para decir a una mujer en Argentina que tienes interes en ella? Para decir que quieres ser su "enamorado" o "novio"? Como puedes ver, no tengo ni idea como hacer esto sin tener mucho verguenza.

Gracias para todo, tu ayuda y consejo,

As an argentinian woman from Buenos Aires I feel curious and flattered by your opinions ...
You will have to ask the argentinian girl out, pay for the meal.... open the doors for her ... (the requirements vary with her age too).
... The average argentinian woman will play on you the "interested - not interested" game.... and once interested -in many cases- they will have swinging moods. Brazilians, on the other hand, are said to be more straightforward. They will probably stare at you and ask you out if they like you... and in average you will have sex sooner.
Any other question....??????

17. Posted by dbloom (Respected Member 586 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Many Latin men tend to be on the 'Macho' side and after getting married, most move into the home of their family with their new wife, often three generations reside in la casa familiar, much for economic reasons, as salries generally low and unemployment high in most of L.A. (in some countries after one reaches 35 or 40 of age, many companies will let such an employee go and hire younger college grads for lower salaries, so many Latins over 40 are entrepreneurs working freelance). On the down or negative side, some, not all Latin men tend to go out socializing a lot with male friends after the wife has the first child, and those who have the resources often will have a younger amante or mistress on the sidelines, a friend of mine, USA Citizen Ex Pat, female, with an 18 month old child, Latin husband, well educated and 100% bi lingual, both live and work here in El Salvador, broke down in her pick up truck one day with the baby, so she called hubby on the cell phone to come pick her and the baby up, he was 'too busy' socializing with his friends in a Bar, told her to wait a couple hours, so she walked home, baby in tow, about a half hour. I suppose he caught h---, I never asked!
To men: Some women in Latin America, including Argentina, may want a 'ticket' to Europe or North America,never 'fall in love' too fast, think with your cabeza not your crotch area, and never promise anyone a Visa or a journey to your homeland, make sure your Spanish skills intermediate at least, or above, before entering into a serious relationship that may lead to the altar, if it's not attend Spanish classes and practice as much as possible speaking with everyone, the whole 'schtick' becomes totally different when you understand what everyone around you is saying, Unilingual English speakers usually become dependent on the novia or amiga, her family and a close ex pat friend or two, as well, she may not have a good command of English (or whatever your native language may be) herself and the hated 'malentendidos' (misunderstandings) start to crop up! There are many places in Buenos Aires and other smaller Argentinian cities to meet educated women, the Tango Clubs, where in B.A. one may dance till dawn and other organizations, cafes (usually better than "bars") and through introductions, if you have contacts or friends there, VITAL in Latin I suggest you may join one of the online Hospitality Clubs, non profit orgs that are free to join, members are usually male and female locals that will host in their own homes or apts. or at least show you around the city, most all are bi or multi lingual, and some of the founders of the project are Brasilians, a great start, beats traveling down alone. There is also an English Language Daily Newspaper published in B.A. with a personals classified section, as exists in the English Language daily in Costa Rica. For sex, there is plenty of prostitution on the streets and in certain types of Bars and red light districts in marginal neighborhoods, however for security and safety's sake I would advise men to avoid these situations, I have heard of too many men whose drinks were drugged (called a 'Mickey Finn', usually Rohypnol, a 'date rape' drug also used in US, mixed in your drink) and they were robbed of everything down to their Boxer Shorts! Seriously. Brazilian Women are a bit different than their Argentinian counterparts and many Argentine men travel to Brazil to enjoy dancing, drinking and the Chispa (spark) of the ladies, the modos and culture are a bit different in Brazil, the ancestors of many Argentinians emigrated from Europe and some 'porteños' consider themselves 'as European as the Europeans' and B.A. the Paris of Latin America, which it is.
For more info url s and on line contacts message me with your e mail address.

18. Posted by jenboro (Budding Member 3 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Check out this cultural cheatsheet:

19. Posted by webfulfill (First Time Poster 1 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

I just wanted to make sure this is posted somewhere: Having lived in Buenos Aires and many other places in the world, I have to say that women from Buenos Aires are not particularly attractive. In fact I would not rank them in even the top 10 or even 50. I give the country a 5 out of 10! If you are coming to find easy women to date, I would advise you steer clear of Argentina!!! If you like red meat and wine, however, this is the place for you. End of Story.

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