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Me and my boyfriend are planning on taking some time off next year to get out and see a bit more of the world but I'm having trouble deciding where to go!

One of our ideas was to visit North America and travel around and I would apprecaite any advice! We have about £10,000 each (including flights and visas etc) and are looking to spending at least two months (maybe more if we can afford to) away, beginning May time 2012.

The first leg: Charleston - Savannah - Atlanta - Nashville - Memphis - Clarksdale - Natzchez - Lafayette - New Orleans

We were planning to visit South America and then fly back up to the west coast of North America to LA but quickly realised that this isn't at all feasible! So the second leg is looking like: LA - Big Sur - Pebble Beach/Carmel/Monterey - San Fran - Yosemite

We aren't planning on stopping in fancy hotels and are quite prepared to stay in cheap hostels/motels along the way. Likewise we enjoy our food but aren't wanting to eat in fancy restaurants the whole way and will expect to cook for ourselves. We won't be partying it up the whole time and are looking to experience some of the culture and sights of each place we stop in (and maybe a bit of shopping!)

Is this feasible on the budget we have?

We were planning on hiring a car but I wasn't sure if this was do-able as we are visiting several different states? (the car issue confused me a bit) or maybe going my greyhound/amtrak but if anyone has any sort of advice on this it would be much appreciated!

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It's all doable, but probably not at the low cost you desire. You will have quite a bit of difficulty finding cheaper places to stay near major attractions such as Yosemite, Big Sur, etc. Amtrak and or Greyhound serve very limited areas (the USA is the land of auto and air travel), and this will greatly affect where you roam - a car rental would be best, but not exactly cheap. I would look into websites such as the Green Tortoise Bus Tours, Airbnb apartment rentals and 'rent a wreck' car rental agencies. The USA is vast and expensive - very few if any bargains for travelers here, but youth can get about much cheaper than us "old farts"! Are you under the age of 25?

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I have helped 12 TP members buy cars/vans here in Vegas. Most spent 3 months or more driving around the US. Send me a PM and I will get you in touch with 2 couples that have already completed their US adventure. Mike

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@Daawgon - thanks for those recommendations, I'll be sure to check them out! My boyfriend will be 26, I'll be 25 by the time we get to america

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Wow. I'd say that this time Daawgon is off base. With £10,000 each you can live like kings traveling the US. You can do a lot of it on considerably less than $100 a day for two (and I am not by any means an ultra budget traveler) and unless I misread the your number, you should be able to afford visit South America too (especially if you buy your tickets in the US since the price are so much less than booking the same flights from the UK). Time might be another factor, but really with a budget of over $30,000 US there shouldn't be any real constraint. Even with half that money that you'd do well in the states for two months.

buying and reselling a car is probably the best way to go - what you'll save in hotels alone by being able to stay a half hour outside of a city will be huge.

I'm happy to offer any advice if you want specifics, but honestly - I just did a three week roadtrip NY-Annapolis-DC-Norfolk/VA Beach-Charleston-Savannah and spent less than $4000 for three of us including nice meals, some shopping, etc and staying in the more upscale type of motels.

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