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51. Posted by annemicha (Budding Member 7 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

Hi Tallullah
lord !!!
If I had read your comment on this forum, I would have never adherate (?) to this cheet of workaway.
But I am french, so I do not always check englishspeaking forum. And having done some woofing before, I thought it was serious (woofing is).

My experience is exactly same as yours : it s about 4 months I am contacting (g)hosts on this "workaway" website- how strange, they are always full, or closed, or unsure,
When i ask them when, in advance, next year, they need someone, guess what they reply ?
"sorry,we are full, we are closed, we do not know"

so it IS SURE the answers are sent by the webmaster of and the hosts are fictious.
Maybe, some real hosts also pay for a registration fee, and there are very few. And they are abused like us.
It 's a big shit, abusing from time and money of the applicants

we should introduce a complaint about it>.
In Belgium, these acts are prosecuted...
and when I read your message dates from 2011 (we are october 2013), guess how many other ones have been falling in this trap....


52. Posted by annemicha (Budding Member 7 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

But Claire, how could you have both good and bad experiences ?
if the host dont reply or always reply with negative answer,how come that, because you were already in Spain, you've received
positive answers ? it 's not logical....
wether they are real hosts and they can give substantial answer for a period in advance and answer the request, whether they are fictious
and never respond....which seem to be most of the cases...

Quoting claireee

I've joined this website especially to comment on this thread, as I've had both positive and negative experiences!
I have just got home from four months in Spain volunteering at various hostels through Workaway, and it's been the most amazing time of my life, and I wouldn't have had the experience were it not for Workaway. I found it was easier to actually be quite unorganised and contact hosts while I was out there/ a couple of days before so that they know you are near-by and can turn up ASAP if a volunteer they were going to have drops out. I ended up in some quite random places but that's what made it exciting.

However, the summer before I attempted to do the same and did not get a single reply from any host (my profile was exactly the same as it was this year). I emailed the owners of the website as I think when you pay for something it shouldn't be so hit and miss. I was met with the reply that everyone else has had, that maybe my profile/photos are the problem . Also that it is incredibly rare for hosts not to reply. During my time in Spain I met an awful lot of Workawayers and every single one had had the same problem and had had a really low response rate so I think that's a real issue. It can't be too hard to do what Airbnb do and create an automatic response from hosts when they don't want you/are full. Whilst working in hostel receptions I saw the sheer amount of requests they get and it is hard to get back to every single one so Workaway need to help them out more. Also they need to filter out who is still an active host as loads of them obviously don't check their mail anymore.

So in conclusion, I have had the time of my life this summer thanks to Workaway but if they charge what they do, I really think they need to provide more of a service, it's not fair to just fire off an email saying our profiles are the problem, because that's obviously not the case, adapt more of an Airbnb model!

53. Posted by annemicha (Budding Member 7 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

it is of course the unfullfilled profile of Tallullah -among many others- which is the reason of her bad experience !
it is a shame to trick people by advertising fictious proposals.
I have the same experience of Tallulah,and have heard many similar stories around.
Some of the registerd hosts might be real and, get, like us, abused by paying a registration fee. but it is of common knowledge most of them are fictious and the answers sent directly from your website.

This is was is called a cheet.
And I hope your dishonest manipulation will be dismasked and that less people would fall in your trap.
If I had read Talullah story, I would have surely not tried this stupid experience

Quoting workawayalex


this is Alex from the Workaway team.

I am sorry you did not find a place to volunteer via workaway, but as you probably know it depends on how you present yourself in your profile, skills you can offer, and how you communicate with hosts, whether hosts you contact invite you to come stay with them - and sometimes even whether they reply or not.

You can be assured Workaway and all host profiles you can see online are real. We have more than 16.000 likes on facebook, the Guardian wrote two articles about workaway (you can find links on our site), a german official EU website links to us:

You can see new real feedback regarding exchanges on our website every day (currently more than 3.300 - but this is only a small part, since workaway has been around a lot longer than our feedback system, and not all exchanges lead to feedback on our website).

As for replying to emails, I dare to say that more than 99% of emails we receive are replied to within 24 hours.

Of course we can not guarantee everyone who signs up, that they can volunteer at one of the hosts they contact - how could we?? We post the listings, enable contact, and constantly try to improve our website. Everything else is up to hosts and workawayers.
If you want to be guaranteed a place to volunteer, you might want to consider signing up with an agency for volunteering - but be prepared to pay lots more than the workaway fee :-)

Best wishes

54. Posted by claireee (Budding Member 2 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

It was positive because this summer I was lucky and had a continuous supply of hostels to work at for four months and a good response rate, and I have had a negative experience too because the previous summer I didn't get any responses.
It helped that I was already in Spain because a lot of workawayers drop out last minute, it happened at every hostel I worked at, so I was able to email hostels and say I can be there the next day to replace that person, as I am already in Spain. Also you meet other people whilst you are out there working in hostels who can recommend you to a place they have volunteered at, so it's good for networking. It definitely is logical.

Quoting annemicha

But Claire, how could you have both good and bad experiences ?
if the host dont reply or always reply with negative answer,how come that, because you were already in Spain, you've received
positive answers ? it 's not logical....
wether they are real hosts and they can give substantial answer for a period in advance and answer the request, whether they are fictious
and never respond....which seem to be most of the cases...


55. Posted by annemicha (Budding Member 7 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

sorry i am not convinced...
I have read your first comment, so I understand what you are describing
and it is mostly a matter of chance then, and network when you are there... than rather the workaway system

but normally, to be organised and contact host in advance should bring some answers... at least

best wishes Claire ;))

56. Posted by MiamiGoldenGirl (Budding Member 7 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

Anne, I am a homestay host on Work Away, and would love to have extra help, can you come to Miami ? I will answer and I am very real and so is our project to restore our house. I answer every request I get within normally the first day, and we have many requests coming almost all the time. This is like Russian Roulette no matter what but so is hiring anybody, you interview and try to qualify and hope for the best. I have had some wonderful work away helpers and some of the opposite kind also. Some of the helpers are great, some are not. I imagine the same goes for the hosts. Beauty if in the eye of the Beholder. Some helper may be terrible for me but wonderful some place else. The helpers who have come to stay with us have been very real . No one gets a guarantee on how good they are, how experienced they are , that is impossible.

57. Posted by AndyC75 (Budding Member 2 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

All I will say here is... Voluntour! He has your personal data any way! You gave it to the company when you registered. All he is asking for is your username. So he can single you out and see your profile. Then help you out help you out. You obviously didn't read his text at all did you.
Your little rant made you sound like a ill-educated fool. I got about 1/2 way though it. You actually made me sign up to this forum just to enlighten you.
Workaway, seams to be a door way to new and wonderful experiences. But IF AND ONLY IF you have the skills people want. And IF you present your self well. Will this company help you further your goals with over seas opportunity's.

I for one am looking into doing this. and signing up with them. This is why I am even on this forum. Just to go in with my eyes open. I have looked extensively at Workaways website. And cant fault it. It is clear and articulate. It even states. The out come depends on you!. That was the first thing I noticed.

In conclusion. If you don't like the company or any company for that matter. Don't use it ! it is as simple as that. Further more! If you had bothered to do your home work before committing to this. You would not be in the situation to find your self unhappy with your purchase The person to blame is actually you mate! Nuffsed!

No! I am and do not work for these people. I am just a punta looking to try to open my horizons And further educate myself.

Quoting voluntour

First of all, if you think I will identify my username, and with it all my personal information, to a company that has a demonstrated lack of morals, you are out of your mind.

Secondly, your arguments would have looked a lot better had they come before Bush hunter's snipe, not after.

And thirdly, every one of your rebuttals is either in response to a concern (not an accusation, there is a difference) that the site is not well run - ie poor reviews hidden, cannot view other profiles; yes I know you never claimed to offer these features, that is entirely the point - or on a convenient technicality that you are "working on" the faulty features like meetup and crash-prone servers.

What you fail to address are the graver truths that your company uses immoral tactics to snuff any legitimate concerns raised by your own clientele.

That you do this at an alarming rate, using lies and censorship, instead of improving how your company functions, is what makes people start using the word "con".

A forum is not unlike the idea of workaway. It is a place where people can share and learn from each other. Sometimes that means sharing warnings on negative experiences. It is not a place where companies can plug themselves, or manipulate public opinion for economic gain. In short, the forum is not about you, it's about us.

The fact that you don't get that encapsulates every concern that has been raised about your company.

As you see in my first post, I appealed to forum members to defend you in light of circumstantial evidence. I specifically asked workaway employees to stay out of it. However, all responses are and continue to be from workaway employees.

If, as you say, "there are thousands of volunteer who have successfully used the site", then sit back and let them speak for themselves. Their words are worth 10 times what yours are.

You see, this is not a campaign against workaway. I want workaway to be better. I want to find a host, plan a trip and set off on an adventure. I want to volunteer. But it is your reaction that is making me start to think that I want these things more than you do.

As a business owner, you should welcome criticism that allows you to improve and grow your company. With the amount of resources you spend trolling forums and slamming your critics, you could be addressing their concerns and making yourselves a better, more successful business. And when a significant number of people all say they are having trouble using your site, publicly negating their experience and shifting the blame onto them only serves to make yourselves look bad.

Since you seem to be having trouble identifying where you can improve, I'll help you get started:

Start a forum on your site. As you can see, forums are extremely important features that let people help each other out. And with your clients helping to address each others' issues, it takes some of the burden off of you.

Allow third-party postings on your facebook page. Their positive feedback - in words, not numbers - is your best advertising. And, if they post a criticism, you can still use it to your advantage. It gives you the opportunity to respond and show how much you value their feedback, and want to make their experience a positive one.

Seriously improve your meetup feature. Even the new one you are working on will only allow people to see other workers' current location (last time I signed in it asked me to allow workaway to identify my location). That's not very helpful when planning a trip in advance. Plus, if someone were to locate me now, here in my hometown, I would be a private citizen with no helpful advice on hosts. Which is okay, but not really what people are looking for in the feature.

Allow negative host/worker reviews to stand. They are possibly even more helpful than positive reviews, and not all people might find them negative (too much meat served, for instance). If they do have inappropriate language, then remove them.

Impress on hosts the necessity of responding to messages for placement. Even if they have to turn them down. If this were the case we wouldn't be here in the first place.

Shorten the subscription period from two years to one. A lot can happen in two years. If people have a continued interest in hosting workers, they will sign up again. This can avoid a lot of wasted messages on people whose situations have changed.

And most importantly...

IMMEDIATELY AND FOREVER CEASE POSTING IN TRAVEL FORUMS. Period. As yourselves, or as a fake user. It not only makes you look bad, but in many forums is against the rules (including this one). Monitor uses of your company name all you like. Pick up on useful feedback that can make you a better business. If you must, send a user a private message apologizing and asking how you can make it better. I can virtually guarantee that they will come back to post about what a good company you are.

Now go get started on making your company the best it can be, and leave Travellers Point to the travellers.

58. Posted by AndyC75 (Budding Member 2 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

Quoting workawaydavid

Shady business man? Have no morals..?? This is being to feel like online bullying!!!
Quite an accusation … yet you only have 3 posts yourself ..all on this thread… There is something very fishy going on here!!
It has been proved to you without doubt the site works .
I offered to help you personally find a volunteering position. .. and help you with your profile.
Need more proof.. ???? Search for workaway on Twitter and see all sorts of messages and ramblings from people Workawaying, or about to.. all independent , all completely out of our control.
Regarding your other points you can be rest assured we are constantly working hard to improve the site.

Dodger… We started the same year as Helpx.. and we think they ´re great too…Also we love wwoof… we have a link to them off our front page and Fb manipulation?? I give up!!

I´m bowing out of this one . We´re proud of what we´ve done with Workaway.

David. You have my sympathy mate. You have to remember a lot of folks on these forums. Are, lets say... Well. nuffsed there. I feel for them in a way. I think they spend to much time in the world of 0000111000 and forget that there is a real world outside. God help me in the future. It would be good to talk with you regarding Workaway. I am very interested in what it is you do. I need a change in my life like this. But it is just having the guts to do it i guess. Email me if you have time. It would be good to get some advice.


59. Posted by annemicha (Budding Member 7 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!


I didn't read all the messages
but I can tell also that my experience with workaway is pity. I have done wwofing before, and this is real, & serious.
But my experience with workaway is the same as many people here. I have received answers,but all in the same way " sorry we are full", "we have just found somebody", "good luck for your travel", and so on, even when these hosts were mentionned as "last minute hosts". It was too automatic to be in a normal average of negative answers.
And it has nothing to do with my profile....
Since then, I have heard many similar experiences and it was suggested to me that the site is a trick.
It is not only about the 25 eu membership fee, but loosing lots of time and energy in fictious (to me) proposals.
I find this very disappointing and since so many people are complaining, I guess it is important to be communicated.
So far, I have heard nothing similar about wwoofing.


60. Posted by little lisa (Budding Member 4 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

Avoid workaway if you have any choice at all. As hosts we have found that although the site would not work without hosts, we have no care or protection from the workaway business.
If something goes wrong there will be no support as the host pays no fees, workaway team are interested in money, not refunds.
Out of the 10 workawayers we have had here, only one has been any good. We have had to ask 3 to leave after some petty thieving and had a very sinister couple who took all meals to their bedroom, refused to exchange language as they only wanted to learn English and not help our French. When we asked them to leave, they then made claims to the police that were untrue but impossible to disprove. Nasty.
The money counters at workaway removed our listing as a sign of support.. Avoid


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