I (a) need the motivation to save and (b) all help possible

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I am 26yo male living in England. I have always wanted to go travelling and really want to get saving now and look to go in January 2012. I know it is a long way away but in 6 months time, it will be in 6 months. I have no commitments here (house, car, wife, children etc.) but always find some silly reason to not go! I am worried that if I go and IF/when I come back I am going to have start all over again (especially in the current economic climate and for they predict - recession - again) and basically I suppose a bit nervous of that. You see I am already trying to talk myself out of it when in fact my job is a 'take it or leave it' job but it is a job and we all know how few and far between they are nowadays.
So can someone please motivate me???

Second part - I would prefer to do it big and go Asia, Oz & NZ & then do Route 66 form LA to NY. How do I get by? Do I need to take like a million pounds to survive on or do people recommend get jobs here and there for every place I go? I know in certain countries I wont be able to cause of the language barrier but especially in Aus, NZ & USA I suppose I would be best served looking for work. Does anyone know the limitations on labour laws and where I can and cant work?

Sorry for all the questions guys....

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In Australia and New Zealand you can get a Working Holiday Visa, which allows you to stay in each country for up to a year and work (as a UK citizen, you could even stay for up to two years in New Zealand, with some medical tests as an extra prerequisite, and in Australia you could earn a second WHV by doing three months of "specified" work (think fruit picking e.a. in rural areas)). See the department of immigration WHV pages for Australia and New Zealand for more. Note that these visas are "once in a lifetime" (and only available until age 30, inclusive, although for New Zealand there's a similar visa through Bunac which goes up to age 35 if you're a UK citizen).

You can forget about working in the USA; they are actively hostile to the idea. Do consider Canada though; they also have a WHV scheme.

Rather than long-term travel setting you back wrt work, many people find that having done long-term travel can be helpful. The experience of long-term travel (and the many small challenges you will face and overcome) will teach you self-sufficiency and independent problem-solving. You'll have a broader range of experiences than your peers who've stayed at home. And these things are valued in the workplace.
Obviously there's no guarantees here; but then, having done long-term travel, you'll be used to that. :)

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I have been to China this summer, and i can say its very cheap there. especially when you compare it to Europe.
I slept in Hostels which where very cheap but you can also do some couch surfing (http://www.couchsurfing.org/)

You can also work while you travel, that way it's a lot easier. Asian countries love english people and which to learn more english, so maybe you have the oppertunity to teach people some english.
Working while travelling is a good option so maybe this website will also be a good help for you. http://www.helpx.net/ http://www.volunteerhq.org/

I usually book my tickets with cheaptickets.nl don't know if it works for you. and use hostelbookers.com to book a cheap hostel. I payed about 3 euros for 1 night in china.

Hope this helps :)

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Just an idea for getting work in the USA - you could look at being a summer camp counselor. Loads of camps each year employ international staff to teach all sorts of activities to kids who attend these camps. You won't make huge money, but it'd be a way to top up your funds and chill out in one place for 2-3 months over the summer. Then on the visa you're under to work at camp, you get several months to travel within the USA before you have to move on. Just an idea, thought you might like to add it to your list of possibilities :)

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You can always find a job :) If you've got the money and the will, go do it! There's a trick to motivating yourself, though. Pick the first place you want to go to and buy the airplane ticket. After that, everything else follows through (or you lose money on said flight) :) I've done that a couple of times, to get the ball rolling. It's great motivation!

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I second the couch surfing suggestion. There's a similar solution to the job issue, too. I would go as informal as possible in terms of working. There are web sites where you can find odd jobs that last a day or a week; it's a good way to make a little cash, avoid the Visa issue, and meet really cool people. Try http://oddjobnation.com/. That way you can keep moving where the wind takes you, it doesn't take weeks to find a job, interview, get set up, etc.

Get going. Don't be afraid to be poor for a while. You're young. You are allowed to be poor and to make mistakes.

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That last sentence is all i needed! Haha, cheers mate!