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Me and my girlfriend are thinking of going travelling around South East Asia in January 2013.

We will be seeing Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and other surrounding countries and hopefully island hop down to Australia.

Never been travelling before and no idea how much money is needed.

How much money, each, would you suggest taking? Obviously we will be wanting to see the sights etc.

From what i have been told, it is very cheap over there in comparison to England.

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Australia will be the most expensive place. You have over a year to plan for this holiday if you mean 2013 and not 2012. Work up a budget and see how much you can afford for hotels. Hotels are usually the most expensive item unless you are big into shopping and entertainment. When you know how much you can afford for your hotel room each night then ask for hotel suggestions in that price range.

Investigate what visas are required for you. Not all countries are the same. Even if you need a visa or not depends on the country/passport you will be using. You will also need to inform your banks if you intend to use debit or credit cards overseas too!

Compared to England and Canada Asia can be cheaper. But this depends on your particular style of living. If you routinely eat at expensive restaurants and stay in expensive hotels your money will go faster. Food is pretty cheap in Asia. If you are broke you can always survive on fried rice!

There is no single answer for everyone! If you have gone on trips to France, Italy or Spain perhaps you can use that budget as a yardstick. A Lonely Planet Travel guide will have some advice on expenses. Google will give you some suggestions too.

If it is over a year from now you have plenty of time to work on your holiday.

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I am not wondering on budget but on time. How many months do you plan to go abroad?

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In my opinion, for the 4 countries Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam you won't need much money. Hotels would cost from 25-50 USD/night (***), meals you will get for 1-2 USD (local food) and about 7-10 USD (restaurants, Asian and European cuisine). Travelling around, buying souvenirs/gifts, sight seeing and all the other things, I would say you won't spend more than 300 USD/week.
January 2012 would be a nice time to travel to SEA as the new lunar year will be on 23rd Jan 2012, in all SEA you will experience special hospitality.
But I agree with Rundreisende, how many month will you spend for this holiday? It looks if you want to explore all these countries, you will need at least 4-5 month.

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Hi, my partner and I are travelling for a year. We've just spent 3 months in SE Asia. I wrote a short blog on our budget. You may find it helpful.


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