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Question About Vaccinations

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1. Posted by AcrossTheGlobe (Budding Member 27 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

Hey guys. Got a few questions about getting vaccinated for my RTW trip.

I've already gotten all of the necessary shots that I need except for Rabies and Japanese Encephalitis. Now I'm sure this has come up before and I'll be sure to dig through the older threads but I'm sure the answers I would have gotten may have changed some than what I may find in older posts.

The two vaccinations I listed above are insanely expensive (which I'm sure many of you already knew). $480 and $540 to be exact at the place I'm doing most of my immunizations. That is an extra $1k i'm going to have to shell if they end up being necessary. The Asian countries I plan on possibly travelling through are Japan, SK, Thailand and Cambodia (as far as the Jap. E. goes). I've seen it shows up more in rural farm areas. As far as rabies, I plan on doing a lot of hiking and outdoors stuff. There may be points where I hold animals at tame animal facilities but definitely don't plan on chasing too many wild dogs around. Will be moving through all continents but Antarctica at some point during my trip (this is for rabies reference like I gave for Jap E. countries I plan to visit - I can give you exacts if you need).

This is just basic I know so if I can give more information let me know. I realize health is key and should be first priority, but still if these are vaccinations that I can do without that is $1k I can use towards travel instead!

So I guess what I'm asking in part is under what conditions in your experience or knowledge are these two necessary?? Does anyone know of any spots I can read about these two that is pretty recent (other than the CDC)?

Also I've seen some older posts where others have said that many of these vaccinations are actually cheaper overseas. Anyone know this to be true recently and if it is safe?

Thanks guys!

2. Posted by Cyberia (Travel Guru 1851 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

Both are bad diseases. Rabies is very unlikely. Any animal you are not 100% sure of, that act a bit funny, don't go near it.

Japanese Encephalitis is rare and comes from mosquitoes. Some repellant for your skin is handy and buy a can of bug spray for your room for last thing at night. Even if bitten by a carrier you only have a 1 in 250 chance of developing the disease at it's worst.

Buy travel insurance. A year's insurance isn't expensive and if any one of a number of worst scenarios happen, you won't have to remortgage your house for an air ambulance.

When abroad you can pop into a local doctor's place and inquire about these injections but they have a long settling in period / multiple injections so immunity might take some weeks afterwards.

As you note, rural areas are worst.

3. Posted by FUNJONO (Budding Member 64 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

You do not need any of these vaccinations unless you are gonna be camping in the jungle in an area where travelling is uncommon like a true ray mears > Only 3 tourists have caught japenese e..... and none have died.As for rabies if you catch it your probably screwed .... but the chances of getting bitten by any animal is rare and the chance that that animal has rabies is sooooooooooo unlikely - You have a greater chance of falling off a cliff and dying & you can't get a vacc to prevent that lol.

Having said all this > I am also going travelling for a year in 2012 & will be having both of these as i am going off the radar into the wild so to speak.Although those prices seem very steep tbh - my Japenese e... vac is £150 which is about $270 & my rabies vacc is the same.If you are from the usa > i would recommend going to canada for vaccs if you live close to the border as those vacc prices are wayyyyy too much.

Hope this info helped.

4. Posted by FUNJONO (Budding Member 64 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

In Fact > the rabies vacc in the uk is £22.50 for me > about $40 > so I suggest you punch the person who quoted you $480 > that is robbery.

5. Posted by jeanie99 (Full Member 155 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!


If you have any concerns about which vaccinations to have for the counties you are visiting speak to a your healthcare professional, NEVER TAKE RISKS WITH YOUR HEALTH.