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And did you win any prizes?

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Anyone else who refuse to declare their own specialties? <Dom't be shy, we are nice here>

And here I shall extend the title of this thread...

What would be your gifted talents?


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Quoting cikusang

Thanks, what a lovely Cupcake! 1 white Chocolate for you. I am looking for recipe to serve a chocolate + butter cake for her...

Anyway, besides as what ISA said my talent in cleaning is 'highly appreciated', actually:

1. I can write with both hands, even drawing and colouring (i trained myself that since writing my first love letter in standard 6)

2. I am the one to revise those past memories in my circle of family members and 'old' and closest friends: most of them were so amazed on how could i remember so detail on some events that were thought to be forgotten...i even remembered what are the dreams i had years ago and

3. I could make my dreams in series! Say if I had this dream in last year where i couldn't foresee the ending, i may able to 'continue' this 'ending' for this year! (My ex-primary teacher thought i was an ediot when i shared this with my classmates)

4. I may pick up a new foreign language very fast IF AND ONLY IF i love that language

5. I am very good in organizing skill, which i can even categorise my circles of networking in friends A; friends B; friends C; friend Ds and friend ? (yet to discover) in the shortest and may 'update' the list later on...

Quite sensitive to colours since I was a child, will 'smash' those bottles of poster colours into pieces IF the drawing i produced wasn't in my demand and I'll draw again and again ...so imagine how stressful my parents they used-to-be; I would only come out of my room once the 'last' picture was meeting my demand or else i won't get out of my room even for dinner! Another thing is I was 'phobia' to pink colour until it could change my mood completely the moment i saw this colour. Fortunately, this 'phobia' was no longer with me when I met my ex-gf 3 years ago! My mum felt much relieved after knowing this!

Hahaha...that's me - the 'true' talent!

You're quite good at making lists

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James (Bond),

5. I am very good in organizing skill...

Well, it explains...

Besides beer and women, else? C'mon...mind to share with us?

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many members have contributed to this thread except the one who started this thread - abang Wocca!!! What about you? Do not try to change this topic... no tricks here!