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hey guys!

I will be flying in to Bogota, Colombia on the 1st og March, and really want to see ecuador, peru, bolivia and maybe nothern parts ofg chile and argentina. I have 3 months, and the plan so far is to fly directly from bogota to quito, do ecuador, then peru (maybe a trip in to nothern parts of chile and argentina) and bolivia. Then I would take a flight in from sante cruz of something to Bogota, and spend some time in Colombia.

IS THIS A GOOD ITINARERY?? This way i will have to pay 2 expensive flights to finish my "loop". i have a retun ticket to7from bogota (REALLY THE CHEAPEST WAY), but in total this will cost me a little more. Anyone have any suggestion to an alternative itinarery? So I can make a loop..prefrebly back to colombia


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It sounds good so far, especially if you visit cuzco and that area of peru. If you don't fancy stopping off in Brazil on the way back then you could visit the Angel falls etc in Venezuela or visit Guyana (where english is the official language) before heading back to columbia. The one thing I would say is don't try to do too much because you may not have time to visit everywhere in three months (I know it's a long time but South America's a big place).

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You have to decide what parts of each country you want to see to tighten up your schedule. Peru has plenty to see. Distances are great there and some flights make things easier but these are better booked some months before arrival as they become expensive if booked late in those countries.

I would fly back to Bogota and home when done. Bogota is very dangerous in parts:
As are some parts of Colombia:

The rest of South America is quite safe but a fair number of pick pockets about so watch your money and valuables at all times; especially in crowds, on public transport and at tourist sites.

As said, don't try and do too much as your time will quickly pass.

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I don't know all of your interests, however after 5 months in South America, traveling via Trekoftheamericas overland from the USA, I found COLUMBIA was the favorite, and most friendly country in South America, please see for yourself, and don't let anyone discourage you about this country.

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This all sounds good...and i will do colombia! heard great things about it. But! does anyone have any suggestions for a route that is possible to do in 3 months, were I do not have to fly that much... expensive....

How is the boardercrossing from colombia to ecuador? dangerous?