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A little about me:
I am from Brazil, residing in the USA for the past 11 years. I will be traveling alone, and this is a dream I always wanted to travel Europe with a backpack and train. My uncle advised me to come to the US to learn English, save some Money and get education. Now, 12 years later, I decided to seek my dream.

I plan a trip in Europe from March 26th – May 4th (38 days).

My plan is to visit: the following countries/ cities:

United Kingdom

The country of entry will be London Heathrow (In and out) from the USA

I have some questions

1) Is 38 days realistic?
- I can extend as I will be quitting my job for this dream
- I can also cut some countries/ cities
2) Should I book to come in and out from same airport? (My initial plan is to enter London, and exit via Lisbon).
3) What is the best way to tackle the rail system?
4) How much should I budget a day for meals?
5) How much should I budget a day for a hostel?
6) Is hostel the way to go or should I look for families hosting travelers?
7) What is the best route to follow?
- I would like to visit Greece as well, not sure if realistic
- I sort of thought using London as starting point, and Lisbon as exit back to the USA
- Any festivals going on around that time?
8) Aside from the plane ticket (plan on using flight miles), I plan on bringing the equivalent to $ 3,500 USD. Is it sufficient? Should I bring all cash?
9) How will the weather look like that period of time?
10) Any resources I can seek/find these information?

I am sure many has asked these questions, I apologize for the repeating ones

Best, Leo

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Hi Leo,

I'm from Brazil - Sao Paulo, i'm planning travel to Europe around 20/04 - 20/05, i wish to visit Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, UK, Belgium, Netherlands and Germain, if your travel dates match mine, we can travel together, I already have a friend (girl), who will travel with me.

Let me know if you, or anyone else, wishes to travel along.

See ya.

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-Hostels are probably the best way to go if you're looking to minimise costs because they're always there and you can get reviews on them so you know what you're getting into ( and are just two of the comparison websites).

-For transport, you can take the Eurostar directly from London to a number of destinations on the continent ( I think it's easier than flying there. Once you're on the mainland Eurail is one way to go (

I don't think 38 days is long enough to cover all the ground you're planning to because it works out to about 3 days per city, not even including the time you'll spend travelling. Given where you're planning to go you'll probably need several days (maybe more) in each area. In terms of weather, the ocean keeps Britain, France, Spain and Portugal fairly warm. The average temperature between March and April here in London is between 4 and 15 °C. Further south it may warmer but I imagine Germany will be cooler.

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@brunoricardo- Have you bought the ticket yet? I was planning on going May 14th for about 45 days (give and take). My entry/exit airport will be London Heathrow. Where will you be flying in/out of?

Hope we can coordinate our travel plans

Best, Leo

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Hi @leodollar, i already bought my tickets, and i'm searching to buy to the others guys that will going wth me.

My date is fixed to april-19, and coming back may-19, but if you like to, you can go back early or later this date.

If you like to come with us, let me know asap.
See ya