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1. Posted by mayahahaha (Budding Member 29 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hey Guys!
I'm currently packing for a one year RTW (South America, OZ, NZ, South East Asia) and was wondering if there are any girls around here who could giv

e me some advice as to what to pack (I've got the basics covered but am wondering about clothes, toiletries, personal hygiene). I'm not particularly high maintenance or very girly but tips on how to avoid the grubby backpacker look would be greatly appreciated!
Also, a year is a long time so I'm certain I'll have to replace many clothing items but any tips on that? What clothes did you take with you (for trekking, walking, but also going out and spending time in big cities).
Also.. don't mean to sound futile but I have long hair so any tips on keeping it looking okay would be awesome!
thank you so much!


2. Posted by LucySowah (Budding Member 4 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hey Maya,

I hope some of my experiences can help you.

It really depends on how much walking you'll do but i found a pair of quick dry trekking trousers and a pair of shorts was enough. One shirt and a wicking t-shirt. Two pairs of walking socks and liners. Thermal top and bottoms and a lightweight waterproof (I sometimes carry a poncho instead of the waterproof if i am likely to be walking with my rucksack). Also, an umbrella (sound ridiculous) can be useful.

In cities a useful item is a tube dress. It can be a long skirt, a beach dress, worn with a light kimono-style jacket it looks nice for dinner, with jewellery it can pass in a club. A great pair of sandals can be worn in the day or night. I took tan shoes because they go with everything. I also took a limited pallette - black, blue, White and red- so everything could be worn with everything else. I had plain silver jewellery and one, mega hairband which made it all look glam for the night. If you are going to a modest country, you may wish to take a nice shirt to coverup or, easier, buy something there!

As far as toiletries, I wouldn't worry too much. I was able to buy everything I needed - shampoo, shower gel, medication - everywhere I went, even in apparently remote areas. However, it's worth checking if you are dependent on anything or going far from medical assistance. Toilets can be interesting and sometimes you can't flush paper or sanitary products away, just be prepared with a plastic bag if you need it.

I have mid-length curly hair and basically tied it back for six months!

Good luck, I hope you have a great time, Lucy

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hi maya

i took a lot with me but for me, the basics (we were going from 40 degrees to -10) were:

5 vests (long/short)
2 shorts (1 dressy, 1 casual)
1 thin leggings
1/2 thick leggings (from h&m)
2 long sleeve tshirts
waterproof jacket (£10 on ebay)
as the girl said before, bandau dresses are great as you can tuk them in your shorts as a top/ beach/ party
a decent fleece
a few casual cardigans (i took a normal one and a thin cotton one)
walking shoes (we bought them in NZ but in hindsight i'd buy them at home)
a few thick socks
decent underwear

i wouldnt bother with jewellery as you can buy them out there

Girly things - if your on the pill then remember them - i was advised to continue it for a year so i didnt need towels etc

i would take a shower gel/shampoo
small toothpaste for the first few days
deoderant - we tried driclor as it lasts a few days not just one
mozzy spray for the first few days

  • *take a small conditioner (i would say the one you get in the loreal casting creme gloss hair dye - you might be able to buy it on ebay - it is rich so you only need a tiny amount, that will last you ages) and moisturiser**