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Just wondering if anyone has any tips on what footware is best for 3 months in SE Asia, Oz and NZ. I'm leaving on 6 Feb, so I think the weather will be warm and dry. I was thinking of buying a pair of non waterproof trekking trainers, maybe merrell's and a pair of flip flops and that's it really. My only issue is I've not seen any trekking shoes I actually like, i keep reminding myself that it's not about what they look like and is about comfort!! ;-)


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Hey Gemma,

First time i did that route went with my wife we dragged some decent trail trainers with us and some Tevas or teva like shoes with us. Really only used the trainers in OZ and NZ, in SE Asia almost always hiked in the sandals. Just make sure you get good ones that hold the ankle and they'll handle most light trekking well.

All the best.

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Hey Gemma,

For South East Asia I would just take a general pair of trainers, and flipflops. If you found that you needed some better walking shoes when you get out there they would be so much cheaper to buy there, and you could just ditch them afterwards if you didn't like them. When I lived in China I bought a pair of Caterpillar equivalents for about £10 and they were amazing, so I'd just get them out there :) If you want any advice on the South East Asia part of your trip let me know!

Have an amazing trip!


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Hi Gemma,

I've tried buying a few pairs of shoes just for travel, but have often been disappointed. Just this weekend I bought another pair of discounted skate shoes because they cost a third of the price of technical shoe and last me twice as long.

Obviously not everyone wants to wear skate shoes, but I suggest wearing what you wear most of the time you're out all day in your home town. I did some trekking in Thailand in skate shoes and had no problems. If you have a pair of shoes that will be comfortable walking all day, and have a somewhat reasonable tread, you should be fine.

I also take flip flops everywhere for when I really want to get out of my shoes. Even in the winter.