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Thailand March 12th

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1. Posted by CharlieNicole (Budding Member 2 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!


Travelling to Thailand from London on my own.

Never ever been travelling on my own... I'm quite chilled and happy to be going on my own. But I am really nervous about my first day and night being a lone female. Also worried about the culture shock.

So firstly wondering if anyone is arriving the same time or is around Bangkok that time and wants to meet up for my first few days... Havent got a plan at all just want to sort out first 2 days then decide when I'm there where to go.

And if anyones been to Thailand where to go for my first night and how to get there.

Thanks xx

2. Posted by mtetro2001 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

Hello CharlieNicole ! I know how you feel as I am leaving for Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Thailand as well in March on my own..... I have not finished my itinerary yet, but am planning to be in Bangkok from the 9th to the 13th. It would be nice to meet up .... Let me know and we can schedule to meet when u arrive.
I am French Canadian by the way.

3. Posted by kookabura79 (Budding Member 2 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

hello, good day charlienicole. i've plan to go to krabi early March 2012. staying there for 3-4 days for island hopping and snorkelling too. plan to visit phi phi island and railay bay as well. maybe we could meet up there. Let me know if you would love to join me. ;)

4. Posted by stoneroses (Budding Member 27 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

Hi Charlie i land in Bangkok on 13th Feb and its my first time there too ... i'm amking my way down south so if you wanna meet up or whatever let me know - Cool
My name is Declan and i'm from Ireland,
Cant wait for Thailand :)

5. Posted by WHayley (First Time Poster 1 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

Hi Charlie,

Im new to all this and really want to get to Thailand but so nervous to travel there alone, I noticed you were travelling from London, im from London too! have you booked up yet? where abouts are you from?
spk soon
Hayley x

6. Posted by willbovill (Budding Member 5 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

Hey there,
I'm arriving in Bangkok from the UK on the 14th March, travelling alone for 3 months or so, which I also have never done before, would be great to meet up with any of you guys who are around at the same time, let me know if you're around :)

7. Posted by wsfl_ (Budding Member 47 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

hey i will be in the south krabi ----> koh samui in the late march to early april before making my way up north.

8. Posted by klasso (First Time Poster 1 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

Hi Charlie...

I'm flying out to Bangkok on the 4th with a friend but will be going solo from 9th march onwards for about 2 weeks.. I have plans to explore bangkok for a few days but will head south towards the beach shortly afterwards.. I'd like to pick out a land route instead of flying down.. That way I can experience some of the Thai countryside.. I don't have a fixed itinerary after Bangkok but I hope to get some clarity once in Thailand.. I'm more inclined to take the road less travelled as the package tour itinerary is not really my thing..

Sukhumvit is a good place to stay the first few days and get oriented and there are a lot of budget places to pick from.. It may be a tad commercial for some but I've been to Bangkok before and it's better to get acclimatised before testing more adventurous locations..

Look me up on FB and I will probably have more expert advice from fellow travellers on the Full Moon Parties in the south and the best way to get there.. I am also hoping to cover Cambodia and laos and Vietnam if I can..

Have an awesome adventure..

9. Posted by Flounda23 (Budding Member 27 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

Hey Charlie!

First off, it's ok to be nervous and probably a good thing too! I went to Thailand on my own last year and felt exactly the same before going but it was undoubtedly the best thing I have ever done!

First off, I would book your first 2 nights accommodation in Bangkok that way you know you have a destination when you arrive. Koh san road is very popular with backpackers for hostels and there's lots of bars, clubs and fast food chains there also.
I preferred to be a bit away from the hustle and bustle though and stayed in silom which is about 10 - 15mins taxi ride away from koh san road. I stayed at HQ hostel, which i could not recommend highly enough. The staff there are teriffic, the place is spotless, there's internet access, tv's, PS3 etc etc and the sky train is literally a 2 minute walk from there!

From bangkok, I headed north on the night train to Chiang Mai and stayed there for 4 days whilst doing a jungle trek! Chiang Mai is one of the most beautiful places I have visited and very scenic and laidback!

After Chaing Mai, i headed south to Phuket and then to Phi Phi. You will undoubtedly fall in love with this island, it is like paradise!
From there i stopped in krabi before heading to Koh phangan for the full moon party! That was an incredible experience and i would recommend it if you are a fan of partying all night long!
After Koh phangan i headed across to Ko Tao. This little island is amazing and a completely different atmosphere from koh phangan, so much more relaxed and again very beautiful!
I headed back to Bangkok from Ko Tao before heading to Vietnam thereafter.
Travelling around Thailand and going solo was extremely exciting but also very nerve racking prior to getting there but everything was so much easier than i expected it to be and the Thai people are very friendly and helpful so if ever I was lost or needed help it was gladly given!

Relax, prepare and ENJOY!

You are going to have the time of your life!