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1. Posted by Peter (Admin 6854 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

I think this needs to be pointed out specifically.

Personal website promotion is not permitted in our forums. If you want to post your website, you can type it into your profile. Refer to item 6.10 in the terms. Although this currently specifies 'commercial' purposes, it also includes personal website promotion. The reason for excluding this is to prevent 'spam' on our boards - we want to make these boards as useful as possible and letting people post websites opens it to irrelevant posts posted purely for the purpose of promoting their site.

To allow for a healthy balance, you can put your website in your profile (although it won't be linked initially). I intend to introduce a reward system, where people who post more than 25 posts for example are allowed to post their link in the profile and have it actually linked to their site.

I hope you understand the need to take this action.


2. Posted by Peter (Admin 6854 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

I would just like to add to that, that this also includes email addresses, phone numbers or any other personal contact information. We don't want to be open to invasions of privacy and even if you aren't concerned, we are! Email addresses posted on the site are likely to be targets for spam emails, which has a negative impact on both you and us. If the site becomes an easy way to find email addresses, it will shed a negative light on us. We really do want to protect the best interests of the members here and making sure they aren't open to spam abuse plays a big part! The areas we are particularly keen on guarding are the forums, travel helper pages and lost friends pages. We are more lenient with the personal profile page.

Apologies for such a stern thread.. I just wanted to clear things up :)

3. Posted by bluewaav (Inactive 627 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

Hi Peter,
I understand what you mean . .. .. I've noticed several posts in various forums for certain things like surveys and whatnot. I was going to start a thread here to ask if that is considered a kind of "forum spam." I personally find that kind of annoying. I think it is sort of on the borderline of spam .. .. What do you do when you notice stuff like that?

4. Posted by Peter (Admin 6854 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

Hi Steph,

The rules have been slackened somewhat since this thread started. Personal websites aren't so much a big deal - we are mainly focussing on filtering out commercial website promotion. It is a tricky thing to distinguish between what is a useful thread to the users and what is just a waste of space and time for everyone. Generally we take into consideration if the post was a response to someone's question, whether the poster had posted here at all before and whether the site that they are promoting is actually relevant or not. Lot's have been weeded out. Survey posts are treated a little more leniently, depending on whether they are travel related and what their purpose is. We don't mind helping out students researching something travel related. I picked up on the one posted yesterday though, which wasn't travel related and provided no explanation and have deleted the thread. If anyone finds any they take particular offense with, I would be interested in knowing, so I can filter it out as soon as possible.