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i am currently a student tryin to make plans to travel with some friends but unfortunately have no idea what i am doing...i am trying to figure out if there is any safe way to get from one place to another---ex. bus, train, etc. ---or are there any websites that can help...please let me know of any experiences and ANY help!!! thanks

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Buses are generally the way to go in Central America. Most decent travel guides should provide you with information on what buses run between which destinations.

As for safety, in my experience the buses themselves are safe, it's the bus stations you have to worry about. Pick pockets and bag slashers, as well as other con artists often stake out the bus station as the place to find targets.

I find that the best bet is to get your tickets ahead of time. Go to the bus station the day before (without all your bags) and book with a reputable operator. Then when you go to catch your bus, make sure that your valuables are out of sight (preferablly in a money belt hidden under your clothes), keep an eye on your bags (carry backpacks in front of you so people can't slash them open) and carry only a small amount of spending money in your pockets. If you have shirts with pockets in the front on the chest, the chest pocket is an excellent place to carry spending money. Very hard for someone to pick pocket your chest pocket.

Upon arrival I usually get out of the bus station as quickly as possible. I will either familiarize myself with the map in my guide book so I know where I am going on foot, or hop into a cab with a destination in mind. I tend not to loiter around in bus stations.

Of course, this is more of the big city bus stations I am speaking of. Small towns are usually fine, in that you generally just get dropped at the side of the road.

I hope I haven't scared you too much. Central America and South America are great destinations.

If you have questions on specific countries, just ask.


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i didnt even know there were "tickets" in central america. I never got one. just go to the station and someone will point (well, yell) you to a bus (yellow school bus, which is a "chicken" bus) going to wherever youre going--there is not some detailed highway system in central america--every place you want to go is on some major roadway. just keep your luggage btwn your legs (or, if under the bus, keep a window seat on that side and WATCH your stuff at each stop).

i miss the nonsense of those bus stops and stations. have a brilliant time!

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It is simple 1. Purchase a good up to date Guide Book on Central America at your local book emporium as well as a decent map 2. Learn how to surf the Search engines such as Google using the proper keywords..Message me and I will tell you how to plan your trip carefree in advance..if possible try and travel with a companion who speaks Spanish if you don't. We live and work and raise families here in Central America, we like it, most people are very busy here just making ends meet but many of us take the time to talk with travellers, last night in the Mall met 2 Australian Surfers who had just come from the Beach. "Poor Planning" can ruin a trip to a luxury 5 Star Resort, so the take the time and effort to is your journey, no one else's...message me or e mail