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I've never travelled before and I need someones advice on what I am thinking to doing. I will be in Europe for 6 weeks. See my list below, Do you think I am trying to see too much? I am thinking on flying to Madrid, then working my way back to Amsterdam which is where I will finish my trip.

Starting in Amsterdam - 3 days

Flying to Madrid - 4 days

Barcelona - 3 days

Nice - 3 days

Lugano - 3 days

Rome - 2

Florence - 3

Naples - 4

fly to Munich - 3

Budapest - 4

krakow - 2 days max (auschwitz tour)


Amsterdam, flying home

What do you think of the order? Should I try eliminate some? If so, which ones? Any and all suggestions are appreciated. I am intending on buying a eurorail pass for these, hopefully I can get night trains for most of these- I know prague to krakow to munich are night trains.... I'm not sure i've left enough travelling time, though.

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There are much nicer places in Spain than Madrid - Seville for one, and Barcelona needs more time.
I don't understand your Italian cities at all - Rome, in my opinion, is the most interesting place, and needs more like 5 days, while Naples needs fewer days. I would skip Lugano, and pick Venice instead. I'm not at all sure about 4 days in Budapest - maybe others might comment? Yes, I think you need to cut at least 2 cities. Personally, I like St. Tropez on the Rivera - a small place while Nice is a fairly large city (St. Tropez has a much nicer beach, and is much more relaxed).

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I notice you're flying over Paris - why? You might stop for a few days on your way to Spain. Paris is very very nice!

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Thanks for your advice :) I certainly am looking to narrow down my destinations and I . Visiting Auschwitz may not be such a good idea for my first holiday. As for Paris, i'm sure it's lovely but not this time. Don't really want to add more destinations, I have too many already. Is St Tropez really expensive? Some people have told me that Venice is over rated. Can you tell me why they might think this? I think maybe I should choose between Prague and Budapest but i'm not sure which one.

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Are you intending on staying in hostels? If so, you can forget about St Tropez, it is not really for backpackers and hence there are no hostels.

Okay, here is my take:

- I think four days in Madrid is too much, unless you really really love museums and intend to spend three full days visiting museums. I would normally go with two days.

- I think Barcelona needs four days.

- I have never been to Lugano so I can't judge but Venice is good for a day or two. Lugano also seems to be a bit out of the way. I would probably go La Spezia (Cinque Terre).

- Why on earth would you go to Rome, then Florence then Naples? Depending where you are coming from (assuming Lugano), it would make sense to go to Florence first, then Rome, then Naples or Florence, Naples then back to Rome (assuming you are flying out of Rome). Also, Rome needs about four days. You can probably pin Naples back to two or three.

- Munich to Budapest is a long way. You might want to fly that too. Budapest is my favourite city so I don't want to tell you to leave it out but it might be a good idea. If you do decide on Budapest, I think four days is good. There is so much to do there.

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If I were you, I would visit other places in Switzerland. Lugano is nice but the west is worth checking out (Bern, Luzern, etc). Also 3 days in Nice is too long, unless you will be making day trips to other towns in the area. I didn't really care for Nice to be honest, Cannes is nicer in my opinion.

Madrid isn't that impressive, if you can go down south and spend more time in Barcelona.

Munich -> Budapest -> Krakow is kinda crazy. If you are really going to do that, check out Vienna, Bratislava, and maybe throw in Prague (my personal fave) either before or after Krakow.

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St Tropez is extortionately expensive.

Definitely agree with Daawgon about spending more time in Rome.