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Can anyone offer practical advice on an extended stay (one or more years) in Spain?

We would rent out our property in the U.K but what do we do for a U.K address to retain our names with our G.P etc so we can receive medical help on our return? Is it possible to get travel insurance for longterm stays like this?
We would be taking early retirement and would be on a budget but think we could rent for the same amount as the rent we receive from our U.K property. Thinking of putting our stuff into storage. Has anyone done a long term trip like this and can they offer any help??

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We lived in Spain/Canary Islands for 8 years so have some knowledge on the subject.

Your doctor's surgery is supposed to return all your notes to a central base within your county and take you off their books if you are away for more than 3 months. However, we retained our records at the surgery as we did not let them know we were going out of the country and we also kept the house address. You will also be able to do this as you are going to rent out your property, so technically you have a foothold in the UK. We also retained UK bank accounts which retained our credit rating for when we eventually came back to the UK - otherwise you would need to start all over again - not the best of ideas in today's economic climate!

Travel insurance is covered by the European Health Insurance Card which replaced the old E11 for travel insurance outwith the UK, and can be applied for online. If you are going to work in Spain then you need to get an NIE and register yourselves which will entitle you to health care through their own national health-type system. Or you could always get private health cover - many different companies/cover/costs involved on this one.

Definitely put your stuff into storage if it is worth keeping - transportation to Spain is expensive and a customs nightmare - you need to prove when/where you bought it, how much it is worth etc ....... and the same applies when you want to ship it back to the UK - you need to prove that you didnt buy it in Spain!

Hope this helps ........ cheers!

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Honestly, I have been living in Spain for 12 years now, but it is not for everyone, do yourself a favor, come and rent for 3 months or 6 months first. It is wonderful living here. And for heavens sake, don't buy here, it's cheaper to rent. In my little town, you can get a nice little house or apartment for about 450 euros a month. Storage is great, but after the first year, if you are planning on staying a lot longer, get your stuff out of storage..I came to Spain on a whim, 10K later in storage fees I went back to Canada to clean out the unit, I gave most of it away and managed to sell 1k worth of stuff.. so storage long term is NOT worth it.

Check out my blog for photos of my little town..it's lovely and the weather is great all year round.. not too many foreigners, so it is still very much Spanish.


Cheers and good luck

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Hi! I´m renting my two bedroom apartment in Riviera del Sol, Mijas. It´s very close to the golf courses in the area. If you are interested, I can send you pictures and all the details. Regards, Nuria

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Thanks to everyone who has replied. All useful ideas.
When the time comes we will be looking to rent somewhere possibly in Murcia as we know it there (Port of Mazzaron) but are open to all offers/suggestions. We lived in Spain for 4 years before having to return to the U.K for family reasons (elderly parents becoming ill). We have been back for 6 years and know that things have changed since we left. (Not as cheap to live there now?). My mother is now 90 and in poor health. We are looking to the future and planning our return when we are able, but unlike last time we are reluctant to sell up and burn our bridges for a return to the U.K as this experience has shown us that you never know what's round the corner and we're not getting any younger ourselves! Still feel we have one more adventure in us though!
Just deciding how best to go about it.
Thanks again everyone.