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Package vacations are supposed to be more convenient and cheaper. But do they curb your freedom?

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Package vacations can be a great way to make friends, and see lots of places. Best to allow free time afterwards to do whatever you want

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Which, the UK consumer organisation reported in January that in a study of four holidays, three were cheaper when booked independently instead of as a package.

american market might be different

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One package type is called FIT(flexiable indepedant travel). Caters to your needs. Where are you planning to go??


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Convinent there are, but I would disagree with cheaper. They are cheaper than booking all the exact same things independently, but not the cheapest way to travel in a country.

I do both package and independent vacations. The package ones are usually the ones where I am just going to lie around on a beach for 5 days straight. It's very easy in that you don't ever have to worry about food or drink or airport transfers. But you never really get to see much of how a place operates.

Independent vacations are more work, and can be frustrating at times as you try and figure out how things work where you are (especially if they speak a different language than you), but ultimately are more rewarding in that you get to see and experience things that you wouldn't normally. But sometimes, you can come back home more tired than when you left.


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I think it really depends on what kind of vacations are you looking for. The packages might be cheaper as:
- the travel agencies usually get special rates from hotels;
- transfer expenses are divided by 10-20.
- They know tips & tricks about getting cheaper (food, accommodation, entrace fees, etc)

Indeed , they limit you freedom possibilities, but this happens only when the groups are really big (15-40 peops).
We run a travel agencie that activates as tour operator in Romania (mainly Transylvania, but not only) and, due mainly to the type of activity we offer hiking, horse-riding and mountain biking tours in Carpathians, the group size is between 2-10. So, if you plan of going with some friends, the guide is quite flexible. If ; for example, a group of 5-6 friends decide to change a little bit the itinerary, the guide can allow this (of course, if this is possible).

Also, I think is a matter of how much time you loose documenting about a trip (for making it by your own) If you loose one week just for getting the informations that a travel agent already have, you might loose more than what you would have to pay for a travel agent. (time is money, isn't it ? :) ).
If you plan to go to an area you know pretty well, like a city that you can enjoy by yourself or with a friend, it might worth better going by your own.

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