4 weeks in Europe's Summer! Where should I go??

Travel Forums Europe 4 weeks in Europe's Summer! Where should I go??

1. Posted by neon (First Time Poster 1 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

My boyfriend and I have 4 weeks off in July. Would love to see Europe as never been. Our only definate plan is Germany for 5 days as my partner has his family there. Where else should we go in such a short time trip? We don't want to feel rushed, so how many countries should we visit. Want a relaxing, fun, cultured holiday. Love good food, good wine and culture. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Please let me know specific places if you can. Thanks again.
Neon xxxx

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Good food, wine and culture? I might be biased but I think you should go to Italy! I would also visit France while you are there.

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if money isnt an issue go to France and Italy definetly. esp for food and wine.

But since you are in Germany and very central my suggestions are to head to Eastern Europe. alot cheaper and fun. It wil be filled with more culture too but maybe not as relaxing since gettin around is a bit more difficult than the english speakin friendly western europe.

specifically - Czech, Hungary, Romania.
hope this helps

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hello :) ok. so first of all u should go and see Italy. I would recommend Rome and Venezia (and if u like modern style and fashion - Milano). Italiano e fantastico, si ? Then I would recommend trip to Vien in Austria. You would be amazed by the fact that they had biggest Breughel collection in the world in their National Museum. Also check out Schiele and Klimt's works in Belveder and Gallery Albertina. Then I would think of goin' to Prague and stayin' there for 3-4 days. It is one of the most friendly cities I've ever been to. U will love czech people. Then you can check out some places in Poland ( Zakopane - beautiful Tatra mountains, Cracow - the most "cultural" city in PL, Lodz - the "film" city that David Lynch fell in love with and Gdansk at the seaside). At the end of the trip I would go to Berlin - the most postmodern "arty" and "fin de siecle" city in Europe and check out its museums, galleries and very good, modern theatres (volksbuehne, shaubuehne etc.). Enjoy your trip ;)

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If you are interested in archetecture I would deffinately take the train over to Barcelona, Spain- there is tonnes of stuff to do there- great shopping and really really unique archetecture by a now late achetect Gaudi. One must-see in particular is The La Sacradia de la Familia (sp?) which is a massive and intricate cathedral that has been in construction for 50 years, and counting. .. . ! Stay in the Old Town, as it is less expensive and more central to the cultural things that you mentioned you are interested in doing. Plus the buildings have so much more character. The only regret I ever had about Barcelona is that I didn't stay longer. However, brush up on your espanol before you go- very few people there speak english.
Good luck!

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hey neon,
each country in europe is quite different and has its own culture.
If you like more the relaxing way , go to a mediterean country like italy,spain,france(turkey,greece). portugal is nice too but maybe a bit far away..
The countries mentioned have both, big cities with lots of cultural life etc, but also nice beaches and countryside to explore.
if you say which countries u like most, i could provide u some more information on where to go.
A second point is how you travel there. On way is by train as you can reach almost every destination. ( EURAIL pass ?! ) Another way is by plane. Sometimes even cheaper than train if you choose lowcost airlines.
just one idea by train: Germany-AMsterdam-Paris-Barcelona-Italy(by ferry)-Vienna-Alps-Germany
I think thats almost maximum for your time, as i already said culture is quite different and to get to know it u need some time.
feel free to ask more specific,