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5 month South East Asia trip, how much time in each country?

Travel Forums Asia 5 month South East Asia trip, how much time in each country?

1. Posted by graby (Budding Member 33 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

Hi all,
So I'm in the very early planning stages of planning a 5 month trip in South East Asia beginning next March. I have been to Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand before but my boyfriend hasn't. We have both been to Malaysia and Malaysian Borneo together. Since we have both travelled a bit before I want this trip to get a lot more off of the beaten track than the last time I was there (I mainly stayed on the usual route).
Our plan is to spend 4 weeks in Northern Thailand (we are going to complete a 1 month CELTA course there) then cross into Burma and spend 2 weeks there (is that enough time) then head up and cross into China and spend 3 weeks in the Yunan province. From there we are going to cross the border into Laos. I was thinking of spending around 3 weeks in Laos because the last time I was there I never went down south to the islands, do you think this is too much time in Laos?
Then from Laos we would cross into Cambodia. I only got to spend just over a week there last time and I really want to see northern Cambodia and Battambang and maybe go to one of the islands. From there we will pass into Vietnam and spend 3 weeks travelling up to Hanoi. Then after Vietnam we will have about 5 weeks left (of course we will hopefully be flexible with how long we will stay in places) I'm thinking maybe spending those 5 weeks just in Indonesia or maybe going to the Phillipines...
Does anybody have any suggestions that could help our planning? Would you reccommend trying to spend more time Indonesia and skip Phillipines or trying to see a bit of both of them??
Thanks so much in advance for any help or suggestions :)

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Greetings from Indonesia.

I think it's really up to you - if you want to focus in seeing so many of Indonesia, 5 weeks would be too short; if you don't mind seeing only our highlights, 5 weeks can be enough so you'd get a chance to visit Philippines as well.

5 weeks in Indonesia - probably you will only manage to explore 1-3 islands, like Java, Bali and Lombok or jump to Kalimantan. Whichever suits your interests.
Please note that Indonesia's Visa on Arrival is limited for 30 days.

Happy planning!