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1. Posted by vernek (Budding Member 7 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

Hey All!

I don't know what kind of posts I will read or write in the future, but like the look of this forum from a few posts I've read and wanted to introduce myself and my situation.

Like a lot of people who post on here, I am deplorably, wretchedly, freakishly, unfathomably, outrageously unhappy in america. For years I tried blogging and ranting and complaining about the country. I don't like the people. I have lived in many states (IL, CA, CO, MI). Indeed the east coast seems more me, but I hvae pretty much abandoned it emotionally, mentally, and in many ways possible. I hang up a british and australian flag and indeed most of very few friends (whom I keep up with online or skype) are in europe or oceania (aus, nz, singapore, japan).

I don't feel I have a safe place (actually this is not a "feeling" it's truth, it's fact. this feels refreshing to share this, by the way) to just enjoy life.. Like go out for a cup of tea and swim. I feel america is a grody, disgusting, disruptive place. I have tried to enjoy it but the beliefs and outlook people have is the complete opposite of the beliefs I hold. I can't stand this country.

Great. But politics and borders and huge problems arise. I don't want my passport to say USA citizen. I do want a passport though! I have been unsuccessful earning and getting a stable job here (despite a 4-year bachelor's degree and other certifications), primarily because my dislike for the country gets in the way of getting a job; there are also a lot of people that were in (but no longer are ) in my social sphere who used libel to hurt my reputation (which certainly didn't help getting a job), but mainly I don't think I want a job in america.

Anyways, I tried to go to the UK but they wouldn't let me in! I have lived in australia and france for a few months and wanted to move to australia.

Right now, my main obstacle to (at the very minimum) getting out of america for a year is financial and a few logistics (like transporting my cat or, *sniff* hopefully not, finding a loving family for him, but I still don't like that; I like my feline friend; AND getting the best technology gear. I would likely travel with this great mini tablet I have (archos) and a netbook). I love technology. I have tried urban and rural (and mountain and coastal actually!) I have given america every chance; done my best to like it, and find it a very depressing, ridiculing, unpleasant, and bloody awful place.

Australia is very bright and enjoyable. France was very very serious, but I liked that seriousness. Both of those places offered things that america lacks (enjoyableness and brightness or seriousness).

I don't have much experience nor "knack" for getting paying work (I've started many websites and maintain some blogs and podcasts that I love thoug, which I can do from anywhere, and which would be my main solution if they become lucrative enough).

Hhmm...a mini bit of history..
In 2009 I sold my car and flew to Dublin (with this kind of desperate "i need to get out of that country" drive. It didn't go so well. I went ot britain and france, and then back to britain and uk border patrol set a time that I had to leave on my passport (which I think should still be adjudicated as unfair and unsupported and actually illegal).

So then I tried again and was out of the usa for most of the first half of 2010. Astonishgly I've been in usa the past, well 1.5 years. It's felt like a prison.

I hope things improve (actually I don't know if I even wish that anymore, I may ahve just moved on, but I guess some improvement wouldn't hurt; but what I am getting at is, well, I have had so many poor experiences in america, that while I'd love some great experiences (that would be nifty!), ultimately there's nothing that could happen to repair damages, I want out of this country and it's just a matter of time (and finances and logistics) but I am not opposed to trying to or actually having a great time while here (the next couple of months, or hopefully not more than a couple of years).

Getting back to australia before 31 is a goal.

I have felt trapped financially.

That's about it really.

P.S. some more thoughts.

Other obstalces: getting paying work.
Doubting that the other coutnry will be better (the grass may not be greener, but when american grass is brown and rotten, this seems unlikely).

Considering east coast might feel more congruent with me.

I can survive in french and spanish-speaking areas (occasionally getting compliments on my not-so-fluent "fluency").

I guess I don't really need advice on destination (well, maybe).

What does one know of living/moving to (for a year or more)

Eastern Europe

I feel I know france and australia pretty well (and liked both of them, individually, better than america). I won't go into all the wretched (concentration camp-like experiences in america - even the water in usa has been the worst diarrhea-inducing water I have found)).

I guess probably my main obstacle in relocating is not finances (although that truly does seem like the main one) but rather, completely knowing that relocating to xyz country is the best thing to do. Once I know and understand that completely, then all these decisions (on selling computer parts and more) will be more clear.

I guess I have a slight idea that going more east in america would be good. I have had a few good (actually quite great) experiences in NY and FL, but that was many many years ago.

In addition to being around people with beliefs tha I like and respect more (I am an atheist, is one), getting paying work, and beign in an environment where I can go outside and just enjoy my day and not have to feel threatened or as-if I need to hide, is where I need to be.

Another obstacle is a part of me just wishes (because I am here, my cat is here, my few minimalist belongings are here) that american and I would find a compatibility in some way or some place....but that doesn't seem likely, but I think a part of me DOEs prefer that because then I wouldn't have to move! But if that won't happen or doesn't happen, moving is the best thing.

I guess I will have to do one of two things:

make the best, avoid many places, bear for much of my life, and try to find good small "islands" of safety in america

commit to relocating but do so (unlike past two times) very prudently with months and months of planning and making arrangements many months in advance.

EITHER of those seems daunting.

2. Posted by vernek (Budding Member 7 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

One final obstalce is this:

I have a tendency to when I get things set up or decently (like finally getting clean water where I'm located and having computer workspace set up and more) to then change it. I don't want to do that and I dislike the idea of having to "set things up again" (because it takes months at times) in another place. bollocks! hhmm.

3. Posted by vernek (Budding Member 7 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

Maybe if I was a math teacher in the states on the east coast, that would provide me with what feels like a safer environment. I am trying to criticize and be skeptical of really moving to another country (to ensure that that's what's necessary). I may need to only adjust a few things (maybe small changes in my work environment or career or small location changes or something). I also need to keep up health and have done that really well recenlty (having a set place for a year; I have traveled for many many years and was accustomed to that). Maybe I hsould stop worrying a bout relocating and/or traveling and just focus on career. But that is what I feel I have done already!! Meh...If the states will work I would like to have that happen. If relocating is best, I would like to have that happen . West coast usa was wretched and is a place with which I will never be compatible. East coast seems more opportune and compatible, but I feel I have practically (or actually) run out of places of trying different places/things.

4. Posted by vernek (Budding Member 7 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

I guess I am not fully committed to relocating to a different country (a part of me unquestionably is, and maybe that is what must happen in a few years, but another part of me wants to try to have good experiences in usa. I am interested in computer science and coding and want to do more of that - I have had a lot of disruptive forces and people (mainly people) in my life that impeded coding. Maybe if I did more of what I want, relocating wouldn't be as urgent or necessary (but it does still seem likely in a few years or so). not sure. Mainly it's wanting success and safety.

5. Posted by vernek (Budding Member 7 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

Going to aus used to be my interest. Not sure if it is. I don't like the approach of just winging it. I have done that and won't do it again . For some people it may work, but I don't wing things any more (in some ways it is a strength and I excel at it more than other ways, but in other ways it's not my capacity). I will have to have work arranged beforehand; there's no other situation.

6. Posted by Daawgon (Travel Guru 2012 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

Are you sure you're really happy with programming? I'm an old time programmer myself, and discovered (way too late to do much about it) that I had chosen the wrong profession for my personality - frustrating, isn't it? I too share dissatisfaction with the USA and the majority of the people I see around me. I'm now in my senior years, and am fairly happy and settled with my canine best friend, but if I were 20 or 30 years younger, I'd be relocating out of the USA, too. I personally like SE Asia and it's laid back lifestyle, food and lower costs. I see the USA as a land of mediocrity, low moral values and taste. I find American TV and movies to be garbage, and our government is now just a branch of Wall Street. I too find the Aussies to be refreshing, honest and quite welcoming and friendly, but realize that many abroad share those same values. What really bothers me about our system is the WASTE - I think we could have found a cure for cancer with the cash we throw away on political ads!

7. Posted by Vivaaaa (Inactive 2 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

Wow with an attitude like that, it's not surprising you're unhappy in america:/ Change your thoughts and you change your world. But if you must move, try the east coast, it's nice. I live on the east coast, and I have no complaints. People are accepting and friendly here:-) Anyway, where ever life takes you, I hope you find your safe place:-) Best wishes!

"The sun won't shine on you, until you put your umbrella away."

8. Posted by JerseyBoy88 (Budding Member 58 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

vernek my friend,

I didnt read the exact whole thing but i glipsed at key words and certain things that stood out. I am completely on the same page as you. I am young and i am educated so i cant say ive wasted a life in AMerica finally realizing i hate it here. I fortunatly have a great supporting family to help me out but without them id be nothing and id be just as stuck as the average person who wants out. I am not going to get too deep into my perspective of the government, economy, way of life, and "American dream" but i am with you my friend. I want out. I want to start a new life somewhere neutral where my country isnt a target from anyone. Maybe we can share ideas and someday achieve our goals as individuals and live a life at ease HOW IT SHOULD BE!

9. Posted by flat5263 (Budding Member 8 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

try Russia. cold, well, i am from Texas and nearsighted people can only see cows and fence posts and BIG pickups. so.. Russia is a place where children can walk to school from age 6 and not be bothered. street crossing safety is the first concern. if you visit, St Petersburg is a more compact city than Moscow. there are many hostels (look at super hostels) centrally located near the activities in the center. classical, pop concerts, stage theater, cinema (movies) even a circus.
try a totally new place. leave your prejudices behind and find out what Russia is.

even Canada may suit you... but even IT is changing to the worse, gangs and such...

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10. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

Vernek - your posts definitely reflect that you are in the midst of an often called 'melt-down' period in your life. You dislike your country, job and don't know what to do. You want to relocate but can't decide on that option either. You are not the first, nor will you be the last, to post such thoughts on this site. Most everyone comes to a crossroad in their life but only you can decide which path to follow. Definitely take other's opinions into consideration - but remember - they are only opinions.

No matter where (or if) you decide to relocate, the situations will rarely be different, just the scenery. Governments may work differently but they also have their own garbage you will have to deal with. Acquiring a new job will be no different than it is here at home. Several members have relocated and found jobs in the fields they enjoy. But, the work environment has been not ideal so they keep trying to find alternatives. They will love their new found country but nothing has changed except an address.

There are also several program freelancers on this site who work while on the road. It pays for their travels and they see many places. Some settle somewhere, others continue their journeys. Let the 'melt down' happen and then start thinking clearly about what is important and how to go about making those changes.