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I am looking into buying an ipod touch. I am not an experience traveler and I plan on going with only a 40litre backpack for a month and a half. My laptop is fairly large. Do you think using an ipod touch would be sufficient for a computer? I only need internet, email and of course facebook. I have a camera and an external hard drive already. I just think it might be nice to not have to carry my computer with me. I unfortunately cannot afford to buy an ipad, which would be the best! I am a poor student after all. Any advice?



2. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

The question has come up a few times here on the forums, and the answer really is "it depends". In general though I'd say an iPod touch should serve just fine to send emails/check the internet etc. The key part of course being that you need to have access to a wifi network for it to work! Alternatively you could consider a second hand ipad. The ipad 3 is coming out next week, so the first gen ones should come down in price on ebay etc as everyone starts upgrading :)

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i would suggest you buy a phone with a decent battery backup , which comes with loads of storage and internet access.. this wil pretty much solve all your requirements. However I will still prefer to carry my camara, as am mobile camara is not that functional as a real camara.

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