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I am looking for a triangular walking route through the Cottwolds(village to village, Inn to inn) for two nights (return to the car on the third day), does anyone have suggestions??? What map should I purchase that would show me the the trail that I would need to follow through the coutryside. I would like to stay off the main roads as much as possible, I understand there is quite and extensive trail system throughout this area...

Any help is apprecated. I will be traveling in late June early July...

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you've chosen a good time of the year weather-wise for a walk in the cotswolds. It would pay to have a good look at this website:

Its designed for serious walkers and its maps will show you anything but main road routes. I don't know whether or not you have walked in this country before so I will assume that you haven't; the idea of rambling (and this website will focus on rambling) can be quite well removed from walking because it often bypasses well-trodden 'public' routes and takes in private land. This can be a (fairly) contentious issue in certain places, particularly country estates and on intensive farms (where unwelcome human foot traffic was blamed for the spread of Foot And Mouth Disease a few years ago). However, in a place such as the Cotswolds, which is extremely used to, and relies upon, visitors such as yourself, I seriously doubt that this will be a problem.

Anyway, the website will probably help you, just remember that it was made by and for serious anoraks so follow its links for a more balanced viewpoint.

Happy hiking.:)

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Just a suggestion - try to take in a village called Bibury. Its one of the most picturesque villages in the cotswolds, definitely worth a visit if its your quaint old English village you're after.