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1. Posted by jenny12345 (Budding Member 12 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Am having trouble finding an airline that leaves from Prague or Krakow to Paris?? Or, would it be better to take a train??
Also can anyone recommend some budget clean hotels in these cities?
Thank you?

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Tyn Hostel - 19 Tynska Ulica, Kc1100 double high season, my fovourite, 1 min walk from the Old Town Square. For another Kc100 they have rooms at the attic on 10 Karlova Ulica - beautiful.

express hotel - 5 skorepka ulica
imperial hotel - 15 na porici
Junior hotel - 21 senavazne nam

They are about $40 double special deal - twice that high season.

check for flights - if not good deals (don't expect much summer time) take train

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have u tried easyjet? They are the only ones i can think of at the minute that fly between europe. Also if u took a train it would take a long time, i imagine around 11 hours from Prague and more like 20 from Krakow. If you got to

you should be able to look up train details for anytrip.


4. Posted by jenny12345 (Budding Member 12 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Hi Nicola.
Thank you for your info. Yes I tried Easyjet, unfortunately they don't fly Prague to Paris. The only one I can find is SmartWings - which I have read some absolutely awful reviews on. I would prefer to fly if poss.

5. Posted by ukmassage (Inactive 1052 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

CSA or Air France - csa might be cheaper. High season they are all expensive.
Get a sleeper on the train.

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LOT polish airline

these are already mentioned but here are their web sites.
and french...

and this may sound stupid, but if you get expensive fares on one way tickets, check return. (if you "miss" your return flight, noone's gonna punch your nose : )
The cheapest return ticket between Paris and Prague I found with random dates in mid July was 150 € and on the same date one oneway ticket was 320 €. (Incl tax). However the cheap returns are often restricted when it comes to changing dates or cancel.

I use or such sites to check many airlines at once. Malèv, Alitalia and KLM came up as well, but I didn't check if there were direct flights. probably not :)

Last year when I went to Spain, I checked one of these booking sites (a local travel agent with the same system) several times during a week or two to get a good price for my trip to Madrid. I never got the same fare twice!
The difference was more than 200 € on a return ticket. So when you find a price you like, book it.
bon voyage!

7. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Urm... Is now a good time to mention that there are no longer direct trains between Paris and Prague? The sleeper and through day train were both withdrawn last year, although it's possible (probable?) that the night train will return this summer.

Without that, there are numerous route options you can take (between about 13 and 18 hours). Easiest is to go overnight from Prague to either Cologne or Frankfurt, and then direct from there (decent connections). An option for earlier arrival in Paris is Prague to Berlin and overnight from there - And you can even save another 80minutes-ish, by taking that train only as far as Bruxelles, and then changing to a High speed Thalys train, instead of staying on the Night train through to Paris, although this will cost more.

Lots of other variants/options, although most involve eitehr long waits somewhere in early hours (i.e. Munich) or several changes. Unfortunately, the (Vienna)-Linz-Paris train leaves about 8 minutes before the train from Prague gets there, so that option doesn't work any more.

From Krakow, again lots of options, taking between about 20 and 26 hours, depending upon timings. Quickest and easiest is to Leave Krakow at 3pm to Warsaw, and then change to the Moscow-Bruxelles night train. You can go all the way through to Bruxelles, but again it is quicker to change in either Cologne (6am and with an hour wait)or Aachen (7.20am and half an hour wait) onto a Thalys train to Paris. The only down side is that the connection in Warsaw is only 10minutes, which is tight if you don't know where your going, or have lots of things to carry. You can avoid this by leaving Krakow an hour earlier.

Other options involve overnight to Berlin (either direct or via Warsaw, has only a 10minute difference in time, so go direct), and then onto Cologne (2 hour wait) and then Paris. The other sensible option in terms of connections is take the day Krakow-Berlin train (takes 10 hours), then the late train to Karlsruhe (arrive 0:30) with a 25min wait until the night train to Paris. You can also do odd things involving Prague, Vienna (often also Munich) and allsorts of cross country things, but most involve several changes, &/or longish waits, often in either early morning or small obscure places.

8. Posted by jenny12345 (Budding Member 12 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Thanks all of you!! I've spent hours on the net, only to learn that SmartWings is the most direct route to Paris. However I have read some nightmare stories about them - anybody else flown with them. Also, there is German Wings - with a 7 hour stopover in Cologne. I'm guessing you can leave the airport and check out the city.
Anybody flown with German Wings?
In my searches, I found another good website which points out all the various routes in Europes.

My other question would be, if we decided to "wing it" and take train connections from Prague to Paris - would we have to book in advance or could we just show up???
Thank you very much! Cheers Jenny

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Generally speaking it isa good idea to try and get tickets before hand - at the very least a few hours before you go as some of the more popular routes will be booked up in advance. Another option would be to take a bus for part of the journey as this may allow youslightly more flexibility and tend to be less busy than the trains for obvious reasons.

A couple of train timetable websites are