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Its my first time on here i've only just signed up, I'm 22, male and from UK. I'm planning my first trip now and I will be going alone but still unsure of which route to take and if I should get an RTW ticket or not. I want to travel all of asia and then off to either south america or aus/nz

I will also be applying for a working holiday visa for Australia but I have no idea if I will need visas for anywhere else, how to get them and how long I can stay in each place.

I will be leaving my job in June and heading out in July/Aug so I have no return date planned.

Does anyone have any advice?


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Think this thread might help:

Im also planning a RTW trip for 2013 and should be going to all the places you mentioned



3. Posted by mapsandmoxie (Full Member 196 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

The value of a RTW ticket depends on a number of factors:

- Do you have a set time frame, and list of destinations, or do you you require flexibility?

If you're planning on stopping off somewhere for work, that's fine, but you will need this arranged ahead of time to adjust your RTW ticket accordingly. If you think you would prefer to randomly see how things are going, and play it by ear with no fixed itinerary, then an RTW ticket might not be your best choice.

- How long are you planning on going for? Most RTW tickets are for a 1 year duration, with limited flexibility for flight changes.

Personally, I like the idea of the flexibility associated with one-way flights and no required deadlines, etc. However, if you do this you have to be very aware of your budget and make sure you have enough to get home in case of emergency. I'd also recommend (even if you do the RTW flight) to use budget airlines for shorter flights - such as Air Asia, for example. If you're set on a timeline, an RTW flight can be cheaper, or at least easier since you have something to show security in destinations that require an outbound flight or ticket of some sort on arrival. However, if your primary concern is cost, it can be cheaper to take flights as you go and this will give you more flexibility.

Hope that helps.

4. Posted by RC2012 (Budding Member 99 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Thanks guys this has really helped.

I literally have no time restrictions, but I do want to budget so I can see as much as possible and stay for as long as possible.

I only plan on working in aus on a WHV but this will be once i've finished travelling, due to this I was thinking maybe Fly into Asia then travel by bus/boat and train and then fly out of Asia to Aus and NZ once i've spent time travelling aus/nz I will eventually start working.

I have no idea on which route to take, how much I will need, how long I can stay at each destination and where I will need a visa (apart from a WHV for Aus)

Here is where I want to go,


And then Aus, NZ

I am planning on leaving in July but i've read the weather can be bad so im now thinking about holding this off until Oct which will give me a chance to save even more.



5. Posted by mapsandmoxie (Full Member 196 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

I have yet to travel to any of those destinations (it'll happen, I'm sure. or at least I hope - ideally in a year or so, but we'll see. lol) so I can't give you any specific advice, but I'd suggest thinking about what type of travelling you want to do - lounge on the beach or adventure or a mix??? Are you interested in doing any volunteer stints along the way, or do you just want to live it up and see all the sights? Not that they can't be combined, but these things will effect your timelines, costs, etc.

One thing based on a quick glance at that list is that it might be easier (and cheaper!) to fly from SA to oz/nz and up from there then to vietnam. Flying out of Thailand or SE Asia may also be cheaper to go to Europe then direct from oz/nz. or you can do budget flights with Air Asia or other budget airlines there. You'd have to do some research on flight routes, costs, etc. I'm not entirely sure what would be ideal.

Most of my travelling has been in Europe, and if you want more general info about packing, luggage, etc. feel free to inbox me, but for those destinations, I'm afraid I can't offer much more advice. Good luck with your planning!

6. Posted by timinphuket (Full Member 9 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Have a lot of fun but planning would be your key.

You do not need to purchase a visa for Thailand if you are a tourist (earning no money)and stating less than 30 days. Is this an exploratory visit to Thailand because there are some fascinating places to visit - see if you can arrive during a Thai festival. Phuket is wonderful for the Vegetarian Festival - a very different festival. -snip-

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